seriatim (adj). in a series; one after another

February 23, 2009

I had the most awesome-st day at the first day of O’week today. I officially love uni-life already.
It’s so fun and free (and the weather was being beautiful for me)

People are all so nice, it’s quite amazing.
I spent most of my day with Ivy and her friend Joyce. We took a crap load of free stuff (food included!) and joined up to so many clubs/societies. I am now part of the UN Society, Debating Society, UNSW Liberal Student’s Association, Women’s Collective, Politics and International Relations Society, World Vision, Oxfam and VSA.  Tomorrow, I plan to join Amnesty International, Alsec, CSA, some sort of public speaking society and maybe even an underwater club! Woo to spendage on memberships! :D

I can’t wait to go back tomorrow, even though the predicted forcast isn’t all that good for strolling around an unsheltered uni campus.  I was going to stay for the pre-screening of Nick and Nora tonight, but it finished late, meaning that I’d get home later and wouldnt be able to wake up for tomorrow’s early meet up with Abarna and Leena (L)

And on the topic of today’s awesomeness, let me elaborate why today was so awesome with this picture:
AWESOMEThat’s Ivy and I star-struck by communitychannel (:
She’s so much prettier in real life, seriously. We’re planning on having tea with her. YAYAY! :D

Anyway, I’m going to have seriatim dreams about today, community channel, Abarna and Leena, and these cupcakes now.
The Cupcake Bakery (in QVB)


3 Responses to “seriatim (adj). in a series; one after another”

  1. Leena Says:

    :O Dreams about me?!

    YAY ;)

  2. TIMSUN Says:

    homg communitychannel. she reminds me of my cousin for some bizarre reason

  3. Tan Says:

    Woaah so many clubss… lol VSA. They give you free food during the semester… soo good when you’re working on a uni budget!

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