effulgence (noun). extreme brilliancy; a flood of light

February 25, 2009

I spent a wonderful day with Ivy today. She is a gem. I’m so glad I found her that fateful Enrolment Advising day.
She made me happy after not a very good morning:

I woke up to a grey, cloudy sky with the Sun shying away from me for no particular reason. It made me just a tad irritable.
I looked at the time: 6:55am I figured I had 20 minutes to spare before I had to head out, so I ventured for some more beauty sleep. Silly me. I ended up sleeping for another hour, leading me to wake up at 8:05 (the time when the bus I was SUPPOSED TO CATCH came). Fail seriously.
I rushed to get ready, so I can catch the next bus and get the 8:34 train so I can make it to uni by 10. But that ‘next bus’ ended up being 10 minutes late, meaning I would be very late for the train and uni AND that I wouldn’t be seeing Darren who bears gifts this morning. This made me extremely irritable.
Even worse, I got a text message from Abarna which made me feel horrible for what I did. SORRY DEAR! :(

I grumpily got onto the express train to Central-sunnies on cos I have horrible eyes in the morning. I sat in the two seater and rested my head on the window so I could sleep my irritation away. My sleep didn’t last long.
An old man, who had horrible BO, sat right next to me, even though there were empty seats along the carriage. I wanted to remove myself from this smell, but didn’t want to do so straight away, otherwise I would have looked like quite the rude, snobby girl who hates socialising.  I lived with the smell for 5 minutes by putting my nose close to the opening of the train window (this is the only one time that I am thankful the train WASN’T a millenium model)
When the train came to a stop (finally), I got up and pretended to get off. But all I did was move to the lower level of the carriage and then slept- hopefully waking up by Central.

To my fortune, Ivy messaged me when the train was approaching Redfern, saying to meet up at Central at 10- meaning she was late as well! So I’m glad that worked out.
I made my way through the barriers and found her waiting and gave her a big hug. It was so good to see her. I think that alone made all the bad things that happened that morning go away.
I love how friends have the ability to do that; they are an effulgence (L)

We made our way to uni where we were greeted by Yellow Shirts and the CBS reps (Swear to God, there are so many of them around to recruit first years!) People are so friendly at uni- it makes me so very excited to start. We strolled up and down the uni, chatting and eating, and getting more free stuff.
After failing to meet up with the engineering kids, we bummed around to recuperate, then headed off to Town Hall for some afternoon tea at George’s Cafe. It was nice and cheap and the way Maggie likes it. Thanks to Ivy for showing me the place and spending the day! :D

I want to go back to uni tomorrow just to say ‘hello’ to a couple of the people at the stalls, like the Oxfam guy, the Amnesty guy and the Apple guy (I forget their names). Yeah (:
Uni is loverly and I’M EXCITED!

On the train back, I attended to my first textbook that I bought in attempt to kill some time. Due to the lack of studying/learning in the Post-HSC perioid, I think my mental capacity to pay attention has dramatically declined, and as a result, I feel asleep whilst reading about the Europeanisation of the World :(
Though, on the ride back, I conversed with this 21 year old who is a part time uni student who works at Holden and earns $45K a year. Inspiration- sorta, to study.
Let’s hope I can pull my nerd strings together to get that WAM of 75.

I think that shall suffice for tonight.


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