nebulise (verb). to reduce to a fine spray; atomise. To become vague, indistinct or nebulous

February 26, 2009

Instead of attending the Rubiks Dance Party tonight at the Roundhouse, I am at home after catching up with some of the engineering kids.

I am currently feeling extremely bloated, but still very hungry after consuming a large Chicken Deluxe meal at Maccas. It was way more satisfactory than the Rashay’s steak which was more than double the price I paid at Maccas for my meal.
The Rashay’s steak fulfilled my needs of the day for steak, but I wouldnt go back there for the same meal. The steak was sorta dried, and wasn’t compensated well with the stingy serving of gravy mushroom sauce and small serving of chips.

Right now, I am craving the Thin N Crispy BBQ Chicken Pizza we had at Kenny’s 18th- boy that was beautiful.

Or some VERY hot lamb/mutton curry- the one that I chowed down at Abarna’s last time I was there. I would like to eat this curry with Leena’s curry pickles and beans. YUM- my salivary glands are getting a very good workout.

I wouldn’t mind also, eating some nice simple fried rice loaded with pepper and a touch of lemon juice mixed in- like the one my grandmother used to make for me. 
Or the Hakka noodles she used to make- I wish mum/me learnt the recipe before she moved to the old people’s home.

You know what I would love right now though? The Crispy Chicken Noodles that you can get at the Noodle House. ORGASMIC (L)

I have been thinking about food a lot. I can’t get my mind off it. I think I have a problem. I need to control these cravings if I don’t want to undo ALL my gym work. 

I should stop.
 Let’s let these thoughts nebulise and fill me from within so that way, it’ll be zero calories with a sense of satisfaction.

I was watching crime/cop shows tonight. I never realised how psycho the offenders are- seriously. I’ve always wondered how the writers come up with such stories- do they take real life cases and twist it? Or do these psychopathic killers exist in real life?

If the latter is so, I am now seriously considering to refrain from taking the cab. 

Because I am an incompetent driver, I am still on my Ls (after 2 or so years). The bus that runs through the bus stop across from my place has been cut, so services are less available and I end up having to walk 10 minutes to another bus stop to catch the bus. This is extremely inconvenient. 

So as an alternative, I take the cab. I enjoy my taxi rides. The cab drivers are way nice and share stories with me- and I’m always up for story sharing time. In fact, it’s one of my most favourite past-times.

However, watching these crime shows have highlighted the potential risks involved in getting into a vehicle with a complete stranger. The ramifications are horrendous and traumatising. I would so get the ‘I told you so‘ from the dad.

So yeah, I might not rely on cabs so much anymore and ease back into taking the unpunctual and inconvenient bus. Eugh.

Better safe than sorry.
That means tomorrow I will have to bus it to my friends place- bus + 20 minute walk. I’m gonna take it as part of some form of exercise to burn the fat I’ve put on from that large Chicken Deluxe meal. I should also mention I had a Soft Serve on top of that (talk about indulgence).

Looking forward to tomorrow! :D
I hope these cravings don’t affect me on the morrow though…


2 Responses to “nebulise (verb). to reduce to a fine spray; atomise. To become vague, indistinct or nebulous”

  1. Tan Says:

    I read that entry at 11 o clock at night and now is not the time to be craving half the stuff you mentioned.

  2. Pho Says:

    Cooks Hill!

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