ubiquitous (adj). being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time; ominpresent

March 2, 2009

(I think I’ve used this word before I started this ‘BIG WORDS’ daily desk calendar)

Unlike I thought, the first day of university wasn’t today, and is instead, next week. I have one more glorious week (acutally, 4 days because I work) of freedom left.

I plan to spend it wisely: doing things that won’t leave me feeling pessimistic about the start of another era of education, something that can be prolonged throughout this era- I would like to use this week as an ease in phase, so pretty much hanging with both school and the new-found uni friends. That would be awesome.

I think I’ve rekindled my friendship with a certain friend, to which I am very happy to have realised tonight. It was just like old time (:

I swear, I think of a million and one things to blog about at work, and when I finally get home after work and gym (and my cousins tonight), everything that was buzzing in my head throughout the day conveniently disappears.
I think it’s high time that I start making lists of things/stuff to blog about. That would definitely help.

What seems to be ubiquitous these past few days are happy thoughts; very happy thoughts. Thoughts about my family, friends, uni, work (I’m going to take up a few tutoring offers) etc.
As the free CD that I received from a purchase of the past weekend edition of SMH is labelled, “Life is Beautiful”
(It should be noted that Life is Beautiful is also a foreign film that is definitely worth your while)

I’m going to go sleep happy now.
I hope you are at a state of happiness, wherever and whenever you read this.
I’d definitely like it better to know that others are sharing the same happy that I am.

End of happy post.


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