internecine (adj). of or relating to conflict within a nation, an organisation, or a group. Mutually destructive; involving or accompanied by mutual slaughter

March 3, 2009

I wore my jumpsuit out today for the first time- I never thought it could be such an inconvenient.  I had to go toilet before going to watch the movie, but then realised the bottom half of the suit was attached to the top. Talk about making it hard to do such a simple thing of going to the loo.

I have work tomorrow, and I suppose I should head off for an early night, except I feel a bit saddened by the fact that I have to be stuck in the shop for the day (figure of speech) instead of being out and about with mum and/or friends, because that would be ideal.

I went to my grandparents for a small family BBQ. However, there was no meat (when I say meat, I mean steak and nam and chicken).  It was a seafood platter, which I thoroughly enjoyed as a more healthier alternative to a normal BBQ. However, seeing as I am allergic to lobster and don’t enjoy most seafoods, I kept to the prawns only.  I smell of BBQ at the moment by am simply not bothered to shower because of the time (just look at how late it is and I am still on the topic of food-curse you pituitary/thyroid gland/ovaries)

On that insightful note, I shall head off and hope for a nice day at work free of angsty customers.

P.S: Judging by my failed attempt at using today’s word, it can be deduced that I have not kept up with current affairs.  I think the over-reporting on the bushfires has made me bored with current (domestic) affairs.
I’ll go pick up a paper tomorrow.


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