ratiocination (noun). the process of reasoning, or deducing conclusions from premises; deductive reasoning

March 4, 2009

I was enquired about Turkish coffee by a customer today and knew nothing about it. I felt ‘epic fail’.  I only know my Gloria Jeans and Starbucks coffee- everything else I am pretty much oblivious about.  So in attempt to be a better sales assistant, and to make this post an insightful one, I shall now go google about Turkish coffee.

You know times are desperate when all major department stores and supermarkets have stands filled with chocolate eggs and bunnies, prepping for Easter since mid February. The global financial crisis is pulling us into recession and I feel somewhat scared because I have never knowingly been through one of these- what does such thing mean for personal expenditure and investments in the bank? :S I shall go find out as soon as possible

Like a true asian, my mummy gets excited whenever she hears the word “free” (regardless of what is at offer for free).  We were at a BP service station refilling the tank when a man came up to us and looked sternly at our car window, who proceeded to ask: Would you like  me to clean your windows for free?
Mummy’s face brightens up. For clarification, she repeats what the man said with an upward inflexion: Free?!
Man: Yes !

Now, it should be noted that the man was wearing the reflector vest over what seemed like a promotional shirt.  He was holding a can that I assumed was going to be used to clean our windows with.
With this in mind, I tipped my head out the window, and kindly said to the man: No thanks.

First of all, I did this because I knew he would waste out time by taking his time to clean the windows and glorify his products (and I didn’t want this because I was already late to the gym).
Second of all, I didn’t want to sit through all the random facts and advertisement he was going to verbally regurgitate to us WHILST AND AFTER cleaning our windows.
And lastly, I didn’t want him to waste his time knowing that we’re not going to purchase the product anyway and feeling bad afterwards for  wasting his time.

I don’t know if that made sense but that was what was my ratiocination at the time.

Anyway, my point is, if I wasn’t there, Mummy would have said yes and would have received a free window clean. Granted, she would also have to take all that demonstration talk and would have to say ‘no’ to the guy.
However, she wouldn’t have felt bad  about saying no to the guy because she would stop paying attention after 2 minutes and therein lies the advantage of having short attention span.

Short attention span is a gift.  I sometimes wish I had this- because it would mean I would have even less cares in the world.  But then again, it can come across as ignorance and snobbery, which I’d rather not have as attributes.
Ahh, the delights of being 18- still figuring out who and what I am. :)

The White Party has been on the agenda in the social diary. I just realised that we can leave the place before 3, so I might go for a bit considering dad is still hesitant about letting me stay out all night, even though I am legally an adult.
I told mum this- she said that I am a ‘big girl’ when I hit 20. Tskkkkkkk!

Two more years (Y)


One Response to “ratiocination (noun). the process of reasoning, or deducing conclusions from premises; deductive reasoning”

  1. DEEE Says:

    i bet your mum said that 2 years ago when you were 16

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