gustatory (adj). relating to or associated with eating or the sense of taste

March 7, 2009

Uni starts in 2 days time.

My attempt to make the most of my last week of freedom (from studying) has beeen near satisfactory.
Hanging, shopping and partying with my some of my favourite buddies has been simply delightful :D
I hope to see the lovely faces of An and Nessa tomorrow because I haven’t seen either of them in weeks. Bondi longs for my prancing and skipping, especially in the rays of sunshine, so I shall be heading to the markets again in search of a dress and a jumpsuit as well. Let’s hope we succeed aye?

Although I’ve been visiting the gym quite a lot lately, the results haven’t been distinct-I’ve lost a mere 1kg :(.
This is due to the ineptitude of Maggie to stay away from certain food groups, such as “sometimes” foods (re: Elmo on a particular Rove Live episode).  Needless to say, I love food. What makes it even worse, is that I love ALL kinds of food and am not willing to try new things.   I mean, if it wasn’t for the experimentation, how would you know what is and what isn’t nice?
So I try a lot of things, and to my misfortune, I end up liking a lot of what I try.

Like today, I tried two new things and now am wanting more.
One, is the White Chocolate Raspberry Chillo.  I normally get the Choc Chip Chillo, with sprinkles and all of course!  But today, I didn’t feel like chocolate and ended up ordering the strawberry one. Yummmmmmy.
Second, is the little balls that you can get at the asian shops where they sell the duck/BBQ pork/chicken. I don’t know what it is called or what it is for that matter.  All I know is that it is nice and the texture is awesome to chew on.  NOM NOM NOM

I am now looking forward to the sausage sizzle tomorrow at the markets! I really like the bread that the sausage is pouched in. I think I’m gonna stuff an egg and some onion into it (just to try something different!:D)

That shall be the end of the gustatory talk for tonight- I do not want to torment your hunger/cravings.

Let’s hope you enjoy your day tomorrow dear reader :)


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