Weekend No. 9

March 8, 2009

How awful is the weather? Very awful, especially when you are out in the city without an umbrella.
The markets wasn’t as packed because of the lack of sunshine, however it was still good! :D
Bagged myself some goodies from Erin Louise and a Glomesh for $15 (YES!).  Erin is a real sweetie; so sweet! (L)

Nessa and I also headed down Paddington on Oxford.  There were still some party goers from last night’s Mardi Gras, with bars still pumping Whitney Houston’s I Wanna Dance With Somebody full blast along Oxford.
I found a Cooper St. dress slashed down to $40 and a pair of tan boots for $60 (YES! again).  Some stores there are a bit pricey, but its worth the hunt for some nice items.

Some people have no self-respect, or respect for others for that matter.  Maybe it’s because they haven’t had the education most of us had, or the opportunity to do so.  However, there is such thing as courtesy and manners and keeping your hands to yourself.  There is also such thing as larceny.

I’m excited about tomorrow! First day of university. 10am first lecture Arts1480- Introductory French A. Followed by a lunch break, then tutorial, then another lecture Arts1750-Introduction to Development Studies.
Time to get into study-mode.

After uni, I’m looking forward to my first experience as part of an audience of a live show.  The show in subject is the Australian series of So You Think You Can Dance! :) Looking forward to spending the evening with Nessa and Bonnie! YAY!


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