pusillanimous (adj). lacking in courage and resolution; contemptibly fearful; of weak spirit

March 9, 2009

Today was my first day of university.  I liked some aspects and loathed some.

First off, I loathed how I had to get up earlier than usual to get the correct train that would ensure I get to my first ever lecture on time.  I got up at 8am this morning, which I considered a horrible time to get up if I don’t have work to attend to.
This gave me 34 minutes to get ready and be at the station.  I had the quickest shower I’ve ever had, and then pulled on what would keep me warm for the rest of the day, then quickly rushed out of the house.  The night before I made sure I had all the things I needed in one spot, so I wouldn’t forget anything.  I left my 1.25L of bottle sitting on my drawer. Go figure.

I got to the station with 2 minutes to spare.  I thought it was enough time to purchase myself a return city ticket, however there was a line at the ticket machine- which would mean more time being wasted and more chance of me missing the 8:34.
Thankfully, Reila (the biggest sweetheart out) let me go in front of her. So I got my ticket in time for my train.
In retrospect, I probably received a million dirties from everyone else who was behind Reila and was in a rush like I was. Sorry!

The train I got on was horribly packed.  I stood for most of the train trip with George, Joelene and Chad.  I planned to sleep on the train considering I didn’t get enough from last night, but I never got the chance to. The train was crowded and I grew conscious and pullisanimous of people who stare. Oh dear.

According to the CityRail timetable, the train was supposed to get us to Central by 9:21- it didn’t. We got off at central at 9:37- which means we missed our desired 9:30 bus.  I should also mention there was another line for the buses which would consequently be crowded, meaning less seats and more standings. Peak hour truly sucks.

After getting off, Joelene and I bidded farewell to George and trekked to our respective classes which was coincidently in the same building.  I found my lecture room and pushed to enter.

It’s a bizarre experience, having to be one of the individuals amongst a group of 200 students learning simultaneously.  There is definitely a sense of detachment from the lecturer which I didn’t appreciate.  To make things worse, the lecturer had a very heavy French accent, making it difficult to distinguish between his English and his French.  It could be best described as ‘heaps wtf’.

Following that,  I had lunch with Darren and Ivy before heading to the tutorial.  We arrived 10 minutes late because we couldnt find the actual room the tut was in.
Tutorial was much more fun than the lecture. Mainly because there was room for interaction; I learn best kinestetically.
Ivy and I met some 4th year med students who we plan to befriend- it’s so rare to have these kids doing an Arts subject! :D

After an hour (or so) of French, I headed down to my Development Studies lecture.  4 words: I LOVE DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (already)

So that was my first day of uni. It got progressively better and I look forward to my other classes.  However, I’m detesting the prospect of less sleep, less time for socialising and pretty much getting back to the books.  I’ve enjoyed these past 3/4 months way too much to have it suddenly disappear.

I also attended the So You Think You Can Dance result show tonight.  It was awesome to see all the background work that goes into making a Live Show live:
I never saw Kaz James andMacy Gray- that was recorded in some other studio.
I had to cheer on cue
I never got to show our “Hi Mum” sign because “it had nothing to do with the show”
I was in the presense of Matt Lee and Mary Murphy and Natalie Bassingwaite
I realised “live” shows probably pre-recorded all their stuff- thus making it not live?
Television world is heaps interesting- go check it out if you ever have the opportunity.

I never got to visit the gym today- I shall go tomorrow.

P.S: Because of my big day (and maybe my carelessness), I have lost 4 Sharpies, a pen, my lens cloth and my chapstick.  But I found a green highlighter, so yay?


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