rugulose (adj). finely wrinkled

March 11, 2009

Am extremely exhausted from an 8 hour day at uni.
I have more readings to do and assessments to get started on. Eeeeeeeeep .___.

On my way to my French tut I bumped into a circle of commerce kids namely Leena, Shimene, Gary, Davis and a couple of others that I can’t seem to remember.
Because I was in a rush I didn’t really get to stay for a chat and hug everyone.
Thankyou Leena for the button! I really like it :D

Despite the confusing start I had to French, it is quickly becoming one of my favourite subject (even though it has the most classes). I always meet cool students from outside my faculty in the lectures, and have become fond of the awesome ones in my tuts.
It’s sad, however, that the likelihood of keeping in touch with the cool ones you meet in lectures is very slim. Boo.

I love how UNSW has so many places to feast at; it’s like every corner you turn there is a cafe/restaurant. Awesome.

Feast your eyes on these two babies! :D
Smartie is the one with the cute hair-do and Benji is smart looking one. They’re not mine (though I wish they were); they belong to Darren.
I thought this blog was in dire need of a cute picture, so there we go! :D


3 Responses to “rugulose (adj). finely wrinkled”

  1. le_dennis Says:

    Aww, they look adorable! =D
    It’s interesting that we’ve already got our assessments, eh?

  2. le_dennis Says:

    I’m just glad that none of my courses (to the extent of my knowledge) have any final exams – just some highly stressful and extensive design projects to submit right after the Easter break =P

    (And sorry I’ve posted two comments instead of the conventional and convenient one!)

  3. Leena Says:

    ehehehe I’m glad you like the button!

    When I heard you calling my name during our run-in there was definitely some euphalation bubbling away :D Even though it was for only 5 seconds I was ecstatic at seeing your face :)

    Is your break from 12-1 tomoro lovie?

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