breloque (noun). a charm or trinket, especially one attached to a watch chain

March 12, 2009

When I first read the former half of the word’s definition, I thought it was an attribute of some sort, so I was going to do one of those 10 people things again (where you write things down for 10 people).  But the latter half of the definition made it such a literal word and killed my mood.

I have a little bit of reading left for tomorrow’s Globalisation tut.  Globalisation has interesting aspects, which is overshadowed by the anthropology aspects that occur throughout the reading, consequently boring me and making me go to sleep.  I’m not sure whether this is my lack of interest or my laziness coming through.  I’m always so lethargic is disgusting- I feel fat and bloated.

I smell like cheese because I had pizza for tonight’s dinner at 8pm.  Uni really kills eating patterns: my breakfast have become my brunch and dinner is being eaten so late.  I didn’t have class today but headed over to uni to attend the Oxfam campaign workshops.  I shall be campaigning Close The Gap in the next three weeks as well as OzHarvest.  I’m quite excited to be doing something that I feel is worthwhile, something that needs attention such as the social injustice in Australia.

I’m bringing Toby to uni for the first time tomorrow- I hope it’s a beautiful day so I can sit on the grass and bathe in the sun with him; if not, I shall have to resort to the awesome student lounge.

Weekends are coming up soon; thankgod. I need time with friends-it feels like I haven’t seen anyone in a while.
I’m off to read.

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