chrestomathy (noun). a selection of passages used to help learn a language

March 14, 2009

I visited a place I haven’t visited in 4 months: Liverpool Library. I completed most of my readings today- with the exception of one that I realised I forgot about when I reviewed the course outline- I’m halfway through that now. I find it really hard to have a decent social life with uni. I have my first assessment in two weeks time, and at least one due every week from then on. Oh dear.

My neighbours are currently chucking a party at the moment.  I can hear the drunkeness of middle-aged men through the obscenely loud music and their deafening karaoke. This is going to go until 3am this morning (as it isn’t the first time I have encountered this).  It doesn’t help as my room is situated the closest to the backyard, and thus the closest to the neighbouring fence.

My internet is incredibly slow for some reason tonight- I think it had something to do with the storm that showed up after a lovely Saturday. 
I’m going to see Coldplay tomorrow night! Let’s hope the weather clears up and its a beautiful night. Really excited after hearing about how awesome it was from various people!

I must go indulge in Kissinger now.
Good day y’all.


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