Weekend No. 10

March 15, 2009

Am currently standing in the mosh pit of Coldplay’s last Sydney concert! :D
(they don’t come on until 9:30 so I’m gonna blog whilst I can!)

(I have this lovebird couple on my right with the male counterpart directly to my left. In an attempt to make some room for themselves, the male counterpart has asked his female companion to push me over by using the not-so-subtle hug. Her fingernails went ontondig into my upper left arm and we had an argument thereafter. My feet are sore atm)

I headed out to Newtown before coming to Acer. We headed into various op shops as well as high-fashion stores- I found a poncho I really liked but refrained from purchasing it because I’m saving up and because it was priced at $145. As if.

We also had Thai and gelato for brunchie! :) it was delightful- if we didn’t have Coldplay to attend to, we probably would have spent the day shopping/window shopping.

I’m going to leave it at that now because the people standing behind me are probably reading this and/or thinking I’m a weirdo.

Uni tomorrow! :)


One Response to “Weekend No. 10”

  1. Vanessa Says:

    My life is now complete! LOL
    Best concert EVER <3 I’m so happy to have gone with you (and of course Vina and Bonnielass)!!
    Let’s hangout at Newtown sometime this week when we’re both free! :D
    love you maggie gee!

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