verisimilutude (noun). autheniticity; the appearance of being the genuine article

March 21, 2009

Wonder what that (the word) reminds me you of, 2008 HSC English students? (Good old days)
I don’t know why, but I wish I could go back to doing Year 12 English- it’s so much easier than this stupid protocol I have to do. It’s for my GLST1100 course (Introduction to Globalisation), and two weeks in, I STILL don’t know what ‘globalisation’ is exactly (in general laymens term, don’t give me the Economics bullcrap, cos I’ve heard it a million times and it still doesn’t really relate to anything that I’m interested in, which leads me to wonder why the fuck I even wanted to do it as a Major- thankgod I’m doing the Intro course to Development Studies. I’m sticking to this- I like it 10000 times better)

I’ve been at French and this protocol since midday- and I don’t feel so accomplished. Why is university so hard? :(

Because of the awesome free Wi-fi at uni, I’ve been downloading H&A podcast and have gotten back into the routine of listening to them. God, they’re hilarious- forgot how good they were :D I learn so much more from them than at uni.


2 Responses to “verisimilutude (noun). autheniticity; the appearance of being the genuine article”

  1. TIMSUN Says:

    That’s okay, “Introduction to World History” is one of my mandatory subjects for International Studies. It doesn’t sound too odd at first until you consider it means “World History” in the most literal sense, which means I’ve been learning about the Big Bang.

    It’s (somewhat) interesting, but highly irrelevant.

  2. femAmique Says:

    mm. interesting..

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