Weekend No. 11

March 22, 2009

I am currently watching Rove.
He reported that due to the current economic crisis, ABC’s Sesame Street will be axed (or something to this effect). After some light humour, I pondered a bit about the other ABC shows that used to take up most of my childhood television time, which are no longer aired on the channel.
(Incidently, it reminded me a conversation Darren and I had not too long ago)

Where indeed have all the good shows gone? I (admittedly) sometimes tune into ABC1 in hopes of finding shows such as Arthur, Madeline, Arnold (LOLLLL!), Brum and Art Attack. I miss these shows and feel sad to have not watched it on the eve of my 18th as it would have probably been a good transition into adulthood.

Arthur taught me how to spell the word ‘aardvark’ (A-A-R-D-V-A-R-K).  I loved the simple narrative of each episode, and not to mention, the theme song at the start of every episode:
Everyday when you’re walking down the street,
Everybody that you meet,
Has an original point of view (hehehehehe)
And I say HEY (HEY!)
What a wonderful kind day
And we belong with each other…

Madeline taught me my first French phrases “Madamoiselle” “Bonjour” “Au Revior” and such.  It also made me want to travel to Paris one day and visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, Notre Dame and the Arc De Triomphe.  I especially liked the “something is not right” episodes, where the little girls say their goodnights to Ms Clevelle, but because”something is not right”, the episode/storyline is prolonged = YAY because more television time :D

I temporarily forgot about Arnold until I was reminded by Darren, who described him as ‘the guy with the football head’. I loved the weird and quirky characters in that cartoon- I wish my brother got to enjoy him as much as I did.

Brum was my favourite little car. I think I enjoyed this show because the characters never talked, and instead, there was an omniscient narrator to tell the story.  I loved his headlights which doubled as eyes, his yellow-ness and how adventurous the little car was :)

And as if not miss Art Attack. This show gave me ideas and inspired me to do things that was creative.  It made everything so fun and easy! What remains a salient point of the show is the big  artworks at the end of the show,that were played out from an overhead shot(coolest thing out), and the guy’s red sloppy joe. :D

Yeah. I somewhat feel sorry for what the kids of this generation have on television for them these days.

On another note:

[on Rove]
(channel 9 interview snippet) Pauline Hanson: I never knew a Jack…Jack is an unsual name
(cut to Rove)Rove Mc Mannus: Yet her dad was named Jack.

OWNED Ms Hanson

Today, I had a wonderful day with a wonderful person.



One Response to “Weekend No. 11”

  1. DEEE Says:

    Pauline Pantsdown said herself, “My dad’s name was Jack” right after.

    Artattack = epic win

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