adamantine (adj). unyielding, inflexible

March 23, 2009

Meet my friend, Reila:

Maggiesnail: why do you want a kitten reila?

Reila: …cos.. theyre little and cute and i can name him Prometheus Icarus Meko Paddington. And then when people ask me what my kitten’s name is, I can say its Prometheus, short of Prometheus Icarus Meko Paddington BUT you may also call him PIMP


OMG. you are so adorable (L)(L)(L)

(This kinda of format is usually seen in Reila’s blogging.  I have asked for permission to do today’s blog in this format. I really respect intellectual property and go about the right means to use and share it)


One Response to “adamantine (adj). unyielding, inflexible”

  1. TIMSUN Says:

    where are the footnotes

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