somnambulist (noun). a sleepwalker

March 24, 2009

Timothy: Apologies if I caused severe plerpexity with the last post.  Looking back on it, I realise it didn’t make much sense without some comment- Reila sent me a text message earlier in the day asking for a kitten and that I should get her one, with the added incentive of stimulating the economy.
I hope that clears a few things up for you (and anyone else who didn’t make much sense out of my last post)

With that said, it’s time to delve into yet another long-winded blog-

First off, I hope this finds you well, whether you’re reading this in the comfort of your home, or in uni because you’re bored of your lecture(r), or even as a means of procrastination from study.

I had a rather fun-filled day at uni- I always try and make the most of my time at uni, you know, do the whole uni-life thing.

I took a back-pack into uni for the first time today- I felt like a complete dork, to the point where I actually look like a real dork as well :( This was corroborated by some people that I call my friends- thanks for the honesty guys; much appreciated (NO sarcasm)
BUT carrying backpack definitely put less strains on my poor shoulders- I felt as if I could carry 10 textbooks effortlessly today- I felt sorta like Captain Underpants… dorky outfit, but very strong *flexes half-existent biceps*

I may have come across as a snob today….At the station, Richard (a boy from primary who I haven’t seen in years) pops out and says hello! Admittedly, I didn’t remember who he was at first, but the memories came back when he told me his name.  Also, in my ARTS1810 lecture, I sit near a girl named Janet (who I met at Mock Trial)- but I temporarily forgot her name. But it’s good to find people.

I think I’ll have to figure out a way to match names to faces and vice-versa. It would definitely help. You see the thing is whilst I was on shift for the Close The Gap campaign today at uni, I bumped into someone that I attended high school with.  I remembered him, but he didn’t seem to know me at all. So as I was waving frantically at him, he naturally gave me the who-the-hell-is-this-maniac look and said “Am I supposed to know you from somwhere?”
“You’re Alex right?”
“Yeah…and you are…?”
“Maggie. You went to Hurlstone?”

Yeah. Long story short, he forgot who I was because we never actually spoke during highschool- but I still know he was… Dear!, I’m such a stalker :(
So point is, I now know how Richard or Janet might felt because I forgot who they were…so I’m gonna make an effort to put names to faces.

I also met up with Abarna today! It was heaps good to see her and her workmate Callum.  Davis, Clive and Bob(?) was also chillaxing with them.  I seriously can’t get over how knowledgable Abarna and Callum are… they actually speak in abbreviated-corparate jargon- it was rather scary (granted they are both E&Y cadets).  They both got excited over the casually mentioned word “asset” and incorporated capitalist jokes into our conversation- really bizarre. It was also very admirable to see how passionate they both were about what they are doing/studying.

I was on the train back home alone today- a pretty lady sat next to me today.  She had a very, very nice phone.

Dad and I had a good intellectual/political talk this evening whilst watching Foreign Correspondent. He told me it reminded him of his home country- which made me realise I really want to pursue International Studies majoring in Development Studies.

He also found my original birth certficate (which he thought he had misplaced 10 years ago), tonight.



5 Responses to “somnambulist (noun). a sleepwalker”

  1. TIMSUN Says:

    lol Maggie. I was just being irritating; the footnotes thing was a reference to your referencing. :)

  2. TIMSUN Says:

    also lol, after readiong your last post I went looking for Reila’s so I could read the same style but it’s not on the side bar.

  3. Hieu Says:

    Hehehe backpack. Do you look like a turtle :D

  4. leenalove Says:

    Hey beautiful. I remembered you can’t get offline messages on your mac msn, so I thought I’d remind you (as a follow up to the msg I sent on Haresh’s phone) that you can still send in your application to aiesec. Just send it to me when you’re done and msg me or something and then I’ll email it on to Haresh :) Weee for last minute offers!


    Hieu: Indeed- a turtle is a very good description of what I look like with a backpack.

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