pecuniary (adj). consisting of or measured in money

March 28, 2009

I am most likely to use this word again in a Development Studies essay- maybe that Briefing Paper that is due next week!

I just had the biggest dispute with  dad over the pronounciation of ‘one’ in French. Surely, such a simple, two-letter word can’t be that hard to pronounce right?

I pronounced it as I phonetically saw it, with an added ‘ugh’ because it was French: Un
Dad pronounced it as ‘an(g)’…
And thus our dispute started. On one hand, you have the noob, total beginner French student, and the other, you have this man who did French all his teenage years and consequently has adopted the french tongue (pronunciation under wraps).

I won (cos he had to go).

Mum is the funniest, or her ignorance to the surrounding society is.
It came to her attention (after a visit to the local shops) that the power was to be turned off for an hour tonight. This of course, is known more commonly as Earth Hour.
Mummy thought it was a mandatory thing; as in, the electrical company would cease to distribute power for an hour (that rhymes).  We’re eating out tonight- just a family dinner to welcome an aunt who’s coming to visit, so Mum’s primary concern is not the potential benefits to the environment that Earth Hour may bring, but rather, how is the restaurant going to cook us our food. Ah, I love her ignorance.

Good story?
(Okay, me trying to describe what just happened, failed. I swear, if you were here, you’d probably laugh too)

Kimmy’s 18th BBQ is tomorrow. I’m trés excited about seeing everyone; so many lovely faces in one location- EXCITED :D

An came over the other night for a short bit, and she still managed to snap herself a few shots on the iPhone:
I’m quite cut that someone implicitly based the friendship I share with them on pecuniary value. I would never place a price on a someone; I value friendships in my own ways- not monetary means. I might be aggrevating the current economic crisis, but whatever- I have my own ways to show I care.


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  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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