confabulate (verb). to talk informally, chat. To hold a discussion, confer. To fill in gaps in memory by fabrication

March 30, 2009

I have a French writing assignment due on Wednesday.  The writing task resquired me to write a dialogue between me and Pierre, whom I met at my friend’s Partick party.  I finished my draft yesterday.

When I first did my draft, I thought about how I would introduce myself at parties: –
“Hi, I’m Maggie. What’s your name?”- Very informal, very not formal, and that’s how I did my first draft.

Except, now I have to go back and change my informal tongue into a formal one, because the French talk like that when they first meet someone- they don’t confabulate as we would. Hard! :(

I have two essays due next Monday, both of which I have yet to start. Eeeeeeeeep! :(

Tien AsianTiger Tran, get this:

“It was first described by the Spanish doctor Arnaldus de Villa Nova in the 11th century; but the creation of carbon monoxide was first made by the French chemist de Lassone in 1776 by heating zinc oxide with coke. He mistakenly concluded that the gaseous product was hydrogen as it burned with a blue flame. The gas was identified as a compound containing carbon and oxygen by the English chemist William Cumberland Cruikshank in the year 1800.

The toxic properties of CO were first thoroughly investigated by the French physiologist Claude Bernard around 1846. He poisoned dogs with the gas, and noticed that their blood was more rutilant in all the vessels. ‘Rutilant’ is a French word, but also has an entry in English dictionaries, meaning ruddy, shimmering, or golden. However, it was translated at the time as crimson, scarlet, and now is famously known as ‘cherry pink’.

During World War II, carbon monoxide was used to keep motor vehicles running in parts of the world where gasoline was scarce. External charcoal or wood burners were fitted, and the carbon monoxide produced by gasification was piped to the carburetor. The CO in this case is known as “wood gas”. Carbon monoxide was also reportedly used on a small scale during the Holocaust at some Nazi extermination camps (most notably by gas vans in Chelmno), and in the Action T4 “euthanasia” program.”


It mentions nothing of Hitler owning a car company for the sole purpose of CO synthesis to commit genocide on the Jewish population; you silly, silly boy.


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  1. matt Says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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