mendacious (adj). given to deception or falsehood; lying

March 31, 2009

Dad just de-motivated me :(
He was asking about how uni is going and all- very nice of him to do so. I told him it was all good, except the workload requires a shit load of self-discipline to get through.
Now, it might surprise you to know that Dad doesn’t really know what I do at uni; he only knows that I got into uni and that I’m doing something called ‘International Studies’.
I also told him tonight that I was a bit unsure as to whether I wanted to go through with the law transfer at the end of the  year, as I was already thoroughly enjoying what I was doing already.

He looked at me blankly, then asked: So where does International Studies take you?
“I’m not sure to be honest, but somewhere”
“Well, if you don’t know, what’s the point of doing it?”
-Thanks a lot Dad.

Not feeling too good at this moment: It’s cold, wet and I feel a tad nauseated.
I still have one Development Studies reading to go on with, plus French.

Let’s hope tomorrow is a better day.

I start my first tutoring session tomorrow as well.
2 x Cans of V + Coffee from coffee cart.


One Response to “mendacious (adj). given to deception or falsehood; lying”

  1. TIMSUN Says:

    omg maggie i feel for you and your unsure-ness with international studies. we’ll be diplomats or interpreters or the token waiter at the french or japanese restaurant that can actually speak the language.

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