truculence (noun). a disposition or apparent disposition to fight; ferocity

April 5, 2009

Wii Fitness Age: 45 (oh dear god)

I spend the majority of today huddled away on Level 10 of the univserity library. I really love level 10: it has nice furniture and a nice view and the guards weren’t that strict on noise.
I’m almost done on my essays! :D

I can’t wait until 2pm tomorrow- every assessment will be officially finished before we head into the mid-sem break. I’m really excited (although I know that most of it will be spend prepping for future assessments or just catching up on the workload)
I’m not conceding with the notion of “I hate uni” as of yet, cos I still enjoy it- even though the workload seems unrelenting and merciless, even more so than HSC itself.  Thinking back, I have no idea why I was complaining during HSC- this is way worse.

Granted, I have so much more freedom- bar the workload.  I get to head out when I want, have people over, have people have me over. It’s all great fun.  However, sometimes the freedom gets shunned by dad: the interrogation of my ethics and whatnot.

Lately, it seems that dad has channeled some sort of truculence against me.
I’m not sure what it causing this… I just know I don’t like it and wish he would either get over it, or just confront me about the real issue he is having with me.
Last time he neglected to confront me about the issue, he got angry at me over the pettiest of things eg: watching TV (I know right?)
Fuck that, I’m old enough to know not to go through it again. I’m sticking to my thing.

I shall go finish off my work now.
Hope this day served you well my dear.

P.S: I finally got around to downloading Paolo Nutini! He is candy for both the ears and eyes (Ivy! He’s Scottish!) :D


3 Responses to “truculence (noun). a disposition or apparent disposition to fight; ferocity”

  1. TIMSUN Says:

    …your uni library has a level 10? :(

  2. Tan Says:

    There are silence guards?

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