borborygmus (noun). a rumbling noise produced in the stomach by the movement of gas

April 11, 2009

So THAT’S the technical term! :D   I had severe indigestion last night and my stomach was really uncomfortable and yeah… you could pretty much hear the borborygmus.

I’m heaps exhausted from spending the day with the family this Good Friday.  I’m not a Christian or anything, but the Easter long weekends means everyone has the day off work, so we get together to catch up and stuff. I am in love wity my baby cousins- there are so many of them! (L) I could honestly hug them to death (though I don’t) because they’re so cuteeeee. They really make me happy.

My brother is playing with Dominoes at the moment, but he is failing miserably. Poor thing.

I hope everyone had an awesome start to their Easter Long Weekend.


2 Responses to “borborygmus (noun). a rumbling noise produced in the stomach by the movement of gas”

  1. Tee Says:

    Looks like you’ll be having a memorable Easter break. Whilst you are out enjoying yourself, i stumbled upon a few interesting facts that has relevance to our on-going, yet to be settled (by which you unofficially claimed victory) debate about the almighty Hitler.

    So…take a look and you can be the judge to whether my argument has any validity.

    1. The use of gas to kill the mentally insane had been employed in Germany as early as 1939. At an October 1941 meeting where Eichmann was present, a decision was made to use poison gas to kill Jews. Auschwitz, a camp in Poland, was chosen to test this new method, and it was Eichmann who met with the Auschwitz commandant, Rudoph Hoess, to accomplish this. By the end of 1941, zyclon B gas, which had first been tested on Russian prisoners of war, was found to be a faster method that carbon monoxide poisoning (using the exhaust gas from diesel engines).

    2. “Hitler’s furthest reaching economic achievement was his plan for the ‘People’s Car.’ Conceived as part of a grand strategy of bringing cheap motor vehicles within reach of ordinary people, the plan to build a car named after the Nazi slogan ‘Kraft durch Freude’ (Strength through Joy) was never consummated. The program nonetheless ended up by making an important contribution to the war effort. After the war, the clumsily named KdF-Auto attained world fame as the famous ‘beetle’ and the company producing it, Volkswagenwerk (VW), became West Germany’ best-known industrial concern. The ‘Peoples Car’ was designed from 1934 onwards by Ferdinand Porsche, the veteran vehicle engineer and founder of the Stuttgart car company which bears his name today. Born in northern Bohemia, Porsche made his name in the fledging Austrian vehicle industry and served as technical director and board member at Daimler between 1923 and 1929. He became a member not only of the Nazi Party but also of the SS. The car designer advised Hitler on tank building during the war, but results were not always satisfactory, straining Porsche’s relations with Armaments Minister Speer on more than one occasion. The first prototype of the ‘People’s Car’ was produced in 1935, and the VW company was established in 1938 to build the cars at a massive new factory near the small town of Fallersleben between Hanover and Magdenburg. Spelling out the objectives of the ‘People’s Car’ at the VW factory’s foundation ceremony at Fallersleben in May 1938, Hitler declared: ‘It’s for the great mass of the people that this car has been designed. Its purpose is to answer their needs in transport, and it is intended to give them joy.’ Unfinished when the war started, the plant was swiftly adapted to military production, building 51,000 army ‘bucket cars’ as well as 15,000 amphibious vehicles, tank parts, bomb cases and mines. From 1943 onwards Volkswagen also produced the V-1 flying bomb – the pilot-less aircraft which caused havoc in London towards the end of the war. The ‘People’s’ Volkswagen went into mass production only after the war when 20 million cars were eventually built, both at Wolfsburg and in VW works in Latin America.” From ‘The Germans: The Pivotal Nation’ by David Marsh.

    As we all know, most vehicles that are used in warfare consume diesel not petrol for reasons such as fuel mileage. From my second fact, it is ever so evident that hitler did produce cars and thus owned a car company. So with this in mind, would it not be logical that hitler used the carbon monoxide from his diesel cars to commit genocide (as stated in the first fact)?

    i would also like to acknowledge my sources. Hours were spent researching to ensure that information is credible.

    Thankyou for reading.

  2. Tee Says:

    my apologies.i did take up quite a lot of space in the comment section

    sorry fellow commenteers
    yours sincerely,

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