Weekend No. 14

April 12, 2009

I love weekends- especially the ones when everyone is freeeee (from uni that is)!
Mid-semester break is living up to its expectations.  Granted, there is a shit load of work for me to catch up on and/or start, but taking time off to have a catch up is simply awesome :D

Mum had the day off work (it’s a Saturday).  And seeing as I didn’t have work (bar reading) planned out for today, I headed out to the shops with Mummy.  I haven’t had a lot of time with her since uni has started and I’ve ceased working. So it was good to catch up and all that. She also shouted me a few goodies! YAY! :D

I also went to an Oxfam meeting tonight! :) It was heaps fun just planning and chilling with the awesome Oxfam kids.  I now have a list of bars to try out.  Tonight was my first time in an actual, decent bar.  I saw past the inventive cocktails they had on the menu and focused on the interior deco and overall ambience. The bar was called The Different Drummer, it was red and had cute bartenders.  Awesome, chillaxed atmosphere- Glebe. 4.5/5. Yeah :)

I’m going to press ENTER now :)

NOTE: I haven’t changed the time-zone to Daylight EST yet- I shall do so now


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