misapprehension (noun). an error or misunderstanding

April 16, 2009

Jason Mraz (pronoun). a suave yet hip being.
jason mraz and toca rivera

“Practice gratitude”

– wise words from the sexy man himself.

To those kids that I spent tonight with: An, Darren, Dimi, Jessica, Kimmy, Leena, Nessa, Salima, Smurfi and Susie – Thanks GUISE :D


6 Responses to “misapprehension (noun). an error or misunderstanding”

  1. An Says:

    yes Maggie. he is very sexy. (L)

  2. Leena Says:

    sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy!



  3. TIMSUN Says:



      No he didn’t Tim! He only played song from his “We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things” album + a couple of new stuff ! :D

  4. Tee Says:

    omg. screaming girls, more like screaming perves

  5. TIMSUN Says:

    omg wut. D: i liked him best during his waiting for my rocket to come days.

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