zootechny (noun). the domestication, breeding and improvement of animals

April 16, 2009

I know its paradoxical as I am the owner of this blog, but I don’t want my life/me to be transparent. It’ll get boring like that. It’ll mean I have nothing more to offer, nothing deeper to delve into, nothing new to be indulged.  Transparency sets limitations on life, and who would want that?

I also don’t want my life to be dictated by social events, characterised by quizzes, made of a few Pokes, (super)Hugs and Drinks. It seems that the great social-networking site, Facebook, more commonly referred to FB (and not to be mistaken with Fuck Buddy) has created this atmosphere of getting to know people and knowing people through these sites only.  Virtual socialising is maybe not my thing.  I feel so detached when I realise some of my friendships run on the FB world. How lame have I become?

I want this fad to die out soon- like myspace.com has.

Needless to mention, Facebook has its advantages. It’s a great way to procrastinate, live vicariously, and stalk (for all potential stalkers out there).

Is there difference between real stalking and Facebook stalking?

I think I’ve become critical of such a once-upon-a-time wonderful thing since some encounters I’ve had in the past week. I’ve had random people, whom I do not know of, come up as say “Hello Maggie!” or “You’re Maggiesnail aren’t you?”, and I have not the slightest idea of who they are. It makes me the snob of such a well-connected world.

Globalisation, what have you done to me?

I think what I’m trying to say is that maybe we should look beyond these realms, and maybe take a more pro-active, realistic approach to forging friendships. If you want to go out and have a date/outing with someone you consider special, personally give them a call/send them an email to meet up and do something. It doesn’t have to become an Event on Facebook.

It’s between you and them.

I know it’s highly hypocritical of me, as I still intend to keep my Facebook account to use it for the purpose that is suppose to be: social networking.  Because I am an 18 year old who was brought up in the era of the Internet and pretty much thrive on the spontaneity of life.  Facebook has become an integral part of the world wide web and allows me to part-take in social events and meet new people, potentially new friends.

It’s not that I don’t like meeting new people, I just don’t like how Facebook forges a perception of who and what you are.

I don’t like how friendships become this superficial thing that is exposed to a network of unknowns.

Have we as a society been shrunken down so much to the point where we forget the concept of meeting up for a REAL drink and a REAL hug?


7 Responses to “zootechny (noun). the domestication, breeding and improvement of animals”

  1. Leena Says:

    You make some highly valid points there dear…(is it weird that even posting my opinion as a comment and not to your face or over msn makes me feel weird?)

    But yes, I believe the great threat and negative consequences of social networking sites – such as facebook – are prevalent in those who solely rely on such sites as their primary medium of communication. I feel individuals such ourselves have fit facebook and other fads into our lives just to exist as that – a fad. Something that is merely an addition to our basic and vital communication structure.

    It feels so many are being sucked into using these sites to start their social lives instead of letting it just making their social lives more convenient. Many are swapping the “traditional” methods of communication for such “new generation” methods. And I feel that is dangerous. I have nothing against using these sites – if I did then I would be the biggest hypocrite – but it’s wise for everyone to attach themselves to such fads remembering that it shouldn’t become the way they exist and express themselves. There’s more a lively way to live life.

    Nothing beats hearing the voice of the one you are conversing with (:

    One on one all the way.


  2. hieu Says:

    Neither of you are actually accept the convenience of Facebook. Sure, it may be replacing some more traditional forms of communication, but get real – how many of the people that you contact on facebook would you actually bother calling or inviting our for a coffee? A fair minority I’m assuming.

    P.S. Twitter is much more useful for e-stalking.

  3. Leena Says:

    LOL I knew I was forgetting something.

    I swear I put convenience in my comment but it was past midnight so obviously my mind played tricks on me.

    I agree it’s convenient Hieu, I honestly have nothing against FB…I enjoy parts of it myself. I’m just saying it’s a bit dodgey (couldn’t think of a better word) if that’s the only form of communication people have. Like you and I both enjoy facebook, but then I know that we also use other forms of communication. Our lives aren’t run by facebook :P

  4. TIMSUN Says:

    i’m sure when bell created the telephone there were a whole bunch of people up in arms about how it would destroy human interaction. it didn’t.

    not to mention the influx of people joining facebook is much larger than the people who jumped on the myspace bandwagon. facebook is to msn what myspace is to icq. (does anyone even remember that besides me?)

    like it or not, the world is becoming smaller due to the internet. and i think rather than fight it, it’s better to just let it take its natural course and become integrated with our lives.

    i’ll just point out this; if it wasn’t for internet things like facebook or wordpress, would i still be in contact with you?


      Timothy, I’m not fighting it. I’m just merely pointing out the (what I think are) somewhat sad impacts of Facebook on perceptions of the individual and some of my friendships.
      I’m going to accept that the world is shrinking and Facebook has become an integrated part of many people’s lives.
      I just think Facebook has accentuated the shallow nature of social networking.

      I’m probably being idealistic when I wish more people would turn to what is the ‘tradition’ method of communication.

      (And most likely no, we wouldn’t be in contact if it wasn’t for this)

  5. Leena Says:

    Tim, who is your rebuttal aimed at exactly?

  6. TIMSUN Says:

    maggie; sorry if it wasn’t clear lol

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