perfunctory (adj). done routinely with little care; superficial; not thorough

April 17, 2009

The set (New Year’s Resolution) task of blogging every single day (or an attempt to) has made this blog inept of substance (if there is any to  begin with that is).

So I should apologies for this- it’s beyond my ability to pull things out of my mind that is of any substance. I suppose it takes me quite a while for me to formulate how I feel towards certain things and what not. Hence, there isn’t much delving into issues that much on this blog.

I’ll try my hardest to come up with something insightful more often, but for the time being, I’ll just attempt to make your read worthwhile by sharing my daily musings.

This one is to do with taxis.

As I am constantly late by 2 minutes for the bus, I resort to taxis to make sure I get to my destination punctually.  I suppose if I was to take a scorn at anything, it would be the limited services of Westbus, but I’ll save that for another time.
Living in the south-west of Sydney, I call the 132 788 number- there are a number of taxi companies within Sydney- so I use the one that is responsible for the south-western region.

Of course, this means that the taxis that you book will arrive more punctually and efficiently.  However, on occassions, taxis are naturally held up by traffic, or the numbers are limited, so they arrive after the 10 minutes taxi drivers have.

Now, my concern isn’t about the taxi service itself, but rather, the vast amount of companies that are available.

One night, I was really needing to get home, and had called the SW Cabs to book a taxi.  I was told to wait at the taxi stand at Lidcombe station, and so I did.
When I arrived, no taxis were stationed, so I waited until one came.

One eventually came- however it was a taxi from Premier Cabs (a different taxi company).  I was told by that taxi driver that “there was no way in the world” that a SW cab would be in the Lidcombe area, and that if I wanted to get home, I’d “better get in”.
After some debate, the taxi I booked eventually rocked up.

I told my taxi driver (the one from SW cab) about the incident that happened earlier, and was told that if I had gotten into that one, SW Cabs would have “black-listed” me as a customer, limiting my abilities to access the taxi service.

I felt that it was deeply unfair, on the customer’s part, that taxi companies would black-list you if another service was available for you to get home.  I mean, the point getting onto any form of transport is JUST to get to a certain destination, regardless of the medium- especially when it is limited in the wee early hours of the morning.

With this point, I propose that within the NSW state, there should be ONLY one taxi company that runs a service.  Not only does it remove the possible misunderstandings customers may have with the taxi company and vice versa, but also, makes the system more accountable as well.  With one head office, and susidiaries within the different regions in NSW, I believe there will be a better taxi system.  Not only that, people have the comfort in knowing that they are able to hop into the first available taxi, regardless of which company they are from.



4 Responses to “perfunctory (adj). done routinely with little care; superficial; not thorough”

  1. Hieu Says:

    Say we have one taxi company. Let’s say its SW.
    If we did have one company, and you turned up at lidcombe after calling a SW cab, but jumped in another SW cab that was already there by accident, without knowing it wasnt the cab you had called, you would be blacklisted from the ONLY taxi company in the state. GG.


      Well, I suppose in this day and age, the one company would have set up a customer-order priority list (like those you see in Oporto, Maccas and Gloria Jeans), where once an order has been accepted, it gets wiped off the board.
      With this technology,removes the chance of a customer being mistakenly “black-listed”

  2. TIMSUN Says:

    do you have to give them your full name and everything, as well as a description of what your wearing? lol. if that’s not the case than i don’t see how a single taxi driver can possibly blacklist you.

    okay, well i mean there ARE ways, but they’re quite extreme and seeing how a lot of people who operate modes of transport in sydney are general assholes, it seems more like he was bullshitting cause he was pissed off than anything else.

    is there a taxi stand at liverpool? :O


    And Tim!
    There is a large (or what I believe is quite big) taxi stand at Liverpool.

    The taxi driver told me that the company tracks your number, name and that is supposedly sufficient for them to ‘black-list’ you. I suppose you can make an enquiry, via email :)

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