tantamount (adj). equivalent in effect or value

April 19, 2009

5:06pm- supposed to go hit the gym 6 minutes ago, but it’s raining and I do not want to walk in the rain in order to get to the gym. I know  I am going feel a silly if I don’t go, so I’m going to go NOW, so I don’t feel so silly afterwards.

I will finish off the first of two readings I have for Development after.

7:31pm- wanting to watch the last performance show for So You Think You Can Dance (GO CHARLIE!), but I’ve got readings to do.
Maybe I’ll attempt to multi-task again (another attempt won’t hurt! :D)

My brother is quite a funny boy (as you may have heard).  Take tonight for example:

(Whilst he was watching The Biggest Loser)
Eric: What’s cocky?
Me: Arrogant and conceited.
Eric: Am I cocky?
Me: Yes
Eric: Thank you (in completely, non- sarcastic way)
Me: hahahahahaahahahaha (in my head)

However, my brother is also somewhat a genius.
Both he and I love frozen oranges- we literally cut our oranges into 8 and freeze them.  Especially good during summer- it’s a healthy substitute to those sugar-filled,  orange-flavoured Sooper Doopers.  However, since I’ve had my braces on (again), it has been very difficult to bit into the frozen orange- even though its so nice, it really hurts, so I refrain from eating them.

Mum recently bought a lot of oranges, which I don’t particularly enjoy because they’re not frozen.  As they’re not being consumed, she decided to juice them. Eric, being the genius that he is (in this instant), decides to fill the ice-cube tray with this freshly squeezed orange juice. 4 hours later in the freezer and VOILA!  You get a tantamount alternative to frozen orange-Genius:D (I)!
9:15pm- I’m going to tune into Rove tonight.  Hamish&Andy + Jason Mraz. YESS! :D


3 Responses to “tantamount (adj). equivalent in effect or value”

  1. Katie Says:

    Hi nice blog :) I can see a lot of effort has been put in.

  2. Tan Says:

    Don’t want to be grammar nazi but its important when it comes to childhood canteen food: I think it’s Zooper Doopers ;)


      Tan, thank you for improving my English grammar (I also believe childhood canteen food is of high-importance and can’t believe I forgot how to spell such a delightful, cheap sweet!)

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