vexillology (noun). the study of flags

April 20, 2009

Uni started and I am, once again, hit by the tsunami of uni work :(

My brother asked if he could get my birthday present early this year.  Knowing him as a stingy boy, I was immediately skeptical. So I asked him, “what are you getting me?”.
He proceeded to describe the gift: a small shoulder bag; black; two length; buckles; $40 (how generous!).  He even drew it out and estimated the size of the bag itself to be half an A4 in size.
I wasn’t satisfied, I knew there was a catch- so I interrogated him more, half hoping that he was being sincerely nice for once.
I asked for the material composition (of the bag and the straps), the brand, the RRP, sales, which store-

Not to my surprise, he said that he was going to get the bag from my Dad’s shop (which means he need not pay for it).

And there, fellow ladies and gentlemen, is the catch.
He told me it was a bag one of the co-workers bought in because she doesn’t use it, and thought my mum would like it.  But obviously, Dad hasn’t brought it home and Eric stumbled across it on his weekly visit to the store.

Somethings are too good to be true. Such as Eric being genuinely charitable.

Speaking of which, I received a complimentary notification from the Aboriginal Health and Medical Research Council today in the mail, personally signed my Justice Michael Kirby himself! :D (This was for my $50 donation as part of Oxfam’s CLOSE THE GAP campaign I recently participated in earlier this month.  Go pledge and donate today!)


3 Responses to “vexillology (noun). the study of flags”

  1. Hieu Says:

    Stop being mean to Eric.

  2. Vivienne Says:

    I had a dream about you and I.
    We were at a skii lodge.
    You and your blog are adorable.



      HELLO V! I’ve no idea how to post a comment on that loverly blog of yours, so I’ll do so here.

      I remember Darren telling me about this dream of yours- I feel ever-so humbled to be a part of your dreams ;)

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