rapacious (adj). given to seizing for plunder or the satisfaction of greed

April 21, 2009

I forgot my phone today, and feel completely detached from everyone.  It’s weird really- I never believed that I would be one of those people who “can’t survive” (figuratively) without their phones.  It kinda makes me think about how fast the world is moving.  It makes me think about how people in the past used to communicate- or was there even a need. Were they indeed satisfy with those surrounding them? Or then again, was it imperative to communicate with those around you because you had no other choice? If so, did the invention of the mobile phone cause the notion of ‘anti-socialism’ in a society?-

Seriously, mind-boggling.

On another, completely unrelated note: I (and a good friend of mine, Jessica) was told to “Fuck off back to Asia” today on a Sydney CBD bus- even though I was born and raised in Australia.
It angers me that, although discrimination is illegal under both Federal and State jurisdiction, it still happens on a localised level, without any means of enforcement.  Needless to say, the boy who uttered such disgusting comments was probably not educated (or am I being pretentious?).  It seems that the roots of racism comes from an inability to understand cultural diversity (more commonly referred to as ‘multiculturalism’) that exists in Australia.  Even moreso, the roots of rascism probably dated back to the time of European settlement in Australian, where Englishmen stormed the indigenous peoples of Australia out of their homeland, seizing their territory.
In retrospect, I should have probably told him to get his little bottom back to Europe since it was his ancestors who invaded this land. (I hate it when I think of the better comebacks x-period after the incident-fail)
Anyway, I feel sorry for people who are oblivious to these facts, and who pursue discrimination in order to feel superior or lack there of, that is, they are insecure as a person themselves.. (Whattt?!- I promise it made sense in my head)
I’ve always been an advocate of education: its ethical power, teaching us right from wrong; its moral basis, sorting good from bad; and its ability to broaden understanding with knowledge. It’s with education, I believe, that discrimination can be conquered and removed from this growing society (yes, I believe we’re still developing).  And it’s not just education we obtain from institutions, but also from the grass-roots level and beyond.

I’m working for this better world (in simple terms).

Eric didn’t say anything note-worthy today, although his actions speak louder than world.  I should probably leave a camera recording to show you the antics he gets up to, daily. He dances, sings, jumps, acts, shuffles and smiles at himself at the mirror.
(I’m not defaming my brother, merely accounting what I observe; he knows I do this)


4 Responses to “rapacious (adj). given to seizing for plunder or the satisfaction of greed”

  1. Hieu Says:

    We came here in planes, they came here in chains.

    We ‘growed’ here, they rowed here.

  2. Pho Says:

    More commonly known as bogans.


      Yeah… wasn’t sure if I should have used that derogatory term in a rant about discrimination.

      Hello Ken, how you are you?

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