ingratiate (verb). to gain favour or favourable acceptance by deliberate effort

April 23, 2009

I’ve haven’t been ‘on’ Facebook lately because (i) I still can’t properly navigate the site and (ii) because of my recent rant about it and to not be so much of a hypocrite.  Effectively, all I have been doing is accepting Friends, and commenting photos (because I live vicariously through them- as sad as that may sound).

I’ve been looking through my Home page tonight, unintentionally stalking Friends through the Feeds I get, and I noticed that quite a lot of people have undergone a name change.  It’s not their entire name, but just the first.  This got me thinking: would it feel weird to introduce yourself with a new name, especially to people who knew you as your former name- how that name has already shaped you as an individual; an identity.  Would you subconsciously go about creating a new identity with the new name?  Would you still respond to the old one?

Also, I wonder how people do it- as in, how do they survive uni? I am now finally feeling the sting of uni- it’s so draining- of life, of money, of time to yourself. Everything. I’m always feeling so lethargic.  I think I might start taking Berocca or a multi-vitamin- or are they just a placebo?

Why is it that some people, who get to lectures early, sit on the seat that is closest to the aisle, thus making it such a task for the rest of us, who rock us just a minute after them, to get to the seats that are towards the middle of the row?
(This becomes particularly problematic in the Biomedical Theatres.)

Why is UNSW built on an incline?!

Why is French so hard? :(

Yeah, just curious.

I can’t wait until the weekends:
Study-I have French test coming up in the next week, and a Literary Review.


7 Responses to “ingratiate (verb). to gain favour or favourable acceptance by deliberate effort”

  1. aydin Says:

    hello ı am aydin

  2. TIMSUN Says:

    Actually, I have been recently introducing myself pronouncing my last name more like “soon” rather than “sun” the noun.


      Why is that TimSun? :(

      • TIMSUN Says:

        if you say it like “sun” the noun in japanese it makes it sound like i’m saying tim-san, and it’s apparently rude to refer to yourself that way, so i’ve been saying it “soon” in japanese for a while now.

        i just decided to standardise the pronounciation. :)

        but hahs people will probably always know me as timsun

  3. Tan Says:

    Yeh I was thinking that as well, its stupid how they sit on the aisle, or leave a space next to someone because they’re a stranger. I also don’t get when there is a seat on the INSIDE of a train, people don’t move over for you to sit, rather, they make you clamber across them.

    Uni’s a bitch, but try and make the most of it at least! I spend my hours trying to annoy those I don’t like. Makes it much more fulfilling.


      Hehe! I’m probably not as tolerant as you are Tan. If a person is getting on my nerves, I just steer clear of them.

      I wonder how ones annoys another subtly? I mean… do you mind coming across as annoying?

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