evanescent (adj). fleeting; vanishing; soon disappearing

April 24, 2009

Today’s most important lesson: “Where is my banana bread?”

There are some people in this world who are genuinely nice- sometimes tragically so. They put others before themselves; unconditional self-sacrifice for the welfare of others, anonymous others.
To the person I know of these qualities: I admire you oh-so-much.  I wish I had the selflessness to be so, you know, make other people happy without considering yourself.

But also, I feel as if you have to be just a little more assertive.  Voice your opinions- in both dark and light shades- it’s your own human right to do so.  Voice it, not to me or to those you feel comfortable around, but voice the opinion/perspective to those in which it regards- because this is where is becomes most important.  It brings you out of your invisibility cloak, gives you a voice, makes you less passive, prevents you from being evanescent, and so forth.

Of course, I could be that pretentious person (again), who simply assumes that you’re not happy with who you are- you could be so content with whom and what you are, and more importantly , who you’re going to become.  Maybe all this passiveness is something you don’t even comprehend. If this is so, then we shall let it be and continue carrying on with our silly little lives.

You’re a great person capable of many great things.


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