supernumeracy (adj). exceeding a fixed, prescribed, or standard number; extra

April 26, 2009

Wow! has this awesome REPLY function in the comment section now.  I used to reply to comments via My Dashboard, but since it’s an open function now on the comment page, I’m going to do so there.  I welcome you do utilise this function on this (or what I’d like to believe is an) open forum that is my blog.
Share your opinions with me, because I believe everyone’s opinions are valid- so long as you justify it (Y)

So I’ve finally narrowed down my Globalisation literary review to a focus of the Impact of Globalisation of Human Rights for the Developing World.  I take on the development aspect because I’m lazy and am already familiar with the development discourse covered in Development Studies; saves me a lot of mental eyebrow raising (because I physically can’t do it) and confusion.  Amartya Sen: you’re my moral idol.

I swear, I had more to post…This weekend has been beautiful, so I hope all you  have gone out and soaked in the beautiful sun.

Charlie didn’t end up being Australia’s favourite dancer. Boo.
My brother and I played tricks on each other today during the commercial breaks.
Everyone knows the If-Your-Hand-Is-Bigger-Than-Your-Face-Then-You-Have-Cancer trick (anyone know a more sufficient name?).  I pulled this on Eric for my own amusement- he fell for it, even though he claims afterwards that he so knew what I was going to do.  “Sif” I say, no one in their right mind would succumb to that awkward pain on your nose if they knew the nature of the trick.
Eric decided to trick me back, by attempting to pull Smell-The-Cheese (to which I have much knowledge about thanks to my high-school peers). However, he did not deliver the prank properly, only placing out his hand (palm up), which would mean only smelling the plate, and NOT the cheese (fist with your other hand on top of the plate).
Being the great older sibling that I am, I decided to show how how to do Smell-The-Cheese properly. He’s face illuminated with the “Ah!” look, and he proceeded to copy me, hopelessly pulling the same trick countless times well into the live dance show- EPIC fail.

(No idea if that made any literal sense)

And I have a French listening and grammar test tomorrow :(

Today’s word, supernumeracy, reminds me so much of Mathematics and how much I miss it.  I can’t wait until I can do it in GenEd! Hooray to the prospect of the reunioin of my calculator and myself.


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