serendipity (noun). the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way

April 27, 2009

So I was doing my International Relations reading today on lovely level 10.
I stumbled across the words “Federal Republic of Germany”, “German Democratic Republic”, more commonly known as West and East Germany respectively.  Because I’m a visual learner, I needed a literate aspect to more fully comprehend what I was reading about.  So, I sought a map.  Stumbling across one a couple of pages down, I observed and understood how each were correlated (which was quite obvious afterwards).
The thing is, after observing the map, I didn’t go on further reading, but pondered about the mapping of the global world.  I mean, why is the North Pole considered the NORTH pole and the south the south? Who decided that Antarctica was going to be at the bottom of the map, not the top?  I mean, flip the map upside down, and you get Tasmania at the top of mainland Australia; Italy might not look like the boot and football anymore; Antarctica becomes the arctic; the East becomes the West; South becomes the North; etc.
And after this train of thought, I went back to my reading.

Watching Boston Legal, and this song came on.

It brings me back to The Little Rascals, where Alfafa serenaded Darla. I’m going to serendipitously share it with you :D


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