Weekend No. 17

May 2, 2009

Today was one of those days I just had to myself.

You know… those days where you can be so restless to the point of lethargy; so energetic to the point where you spend two whole hours at the gym; so carefree that you don’t care that you’ve wasted the day.
Yeah, today was one of those days + so much more with a special friend.
I’m real lucky, I know :D

*Edit: (There was so much more I wanted to add, but I wanted to post legitimately before the next day, so I just summarised it and clicked on “Publish”.  The following is what I also wanted to blog about)

Pan’s Labyrinth, albeit famously known as a Journey text, is a superberly made film.  It’s so dark yet so hopeful.  I love films that are like this. I’m trying to find Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind on DVD so I can indulge (Reila and Bobby tell me its a must-see).  Speaking of, I still have so many DVDs that I have lent out and have yet to have them return.

To those kids who borrowed these said DVDs: Please return ASAP.

I’m sad the Saturday has come to an end, because it means that I’ll have to get back into study-mode tomorrow :(  I plan to start some of my essays earlier, not the day before, to save myself the sleep-deprivation.  It’s funny you know, how I’ve finished high-school and I should know better than to start an essay the day before it’s due, but yet, I still do it. High school, seemingly, hasn’t taught me much; except how to find areas, differentiate, integrate and all that jazz- I miss Maths so much :(

I shall end of that note.


One Response to “Weekend No. 17”

  1. hieu Says:

    Feeling lethargic are you? You may have Swine….

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