deprecate (verb). to disapprove of strongly; deplore

May 4, 2009

10 Trivial Facts (that might tickle your fancy):

  1. The closing credit theme of the new hit TV show Masterchef is Katy Perry’s “Hot ‘n’ Cold”.
  2. A hormone-secreting gland, that is found on your temple between your eyebrows, is believed to react with Vitamin D.  This reaction causes a person to be happy. (Source: Girl from Development Studies lecture)
  3. Maggie is going to the gym tomorrow morning (before uni) because she really wants to swim- Come join? Be there at 6:30am good friend ;)
  4. More redheads are born in Scotland than in any part of the world.
  5. Eric has been pretending to be Michael Phelps since I’ve asked him to find me goggles.
  6. A shrimp’s heart is in its head.
  7. Scrubs (Season8) is aired on Channel 7 @ 8pm (and the opening theme/credit remains the same). Top show!
  8. There are some species of snails that are extremely venomous.
  9. Eric has been pretending to be the Hulk since Dad got him some new Hulk PJs.
  10. Tomorrow shall be the fifth day of the fifth month of the year :D

2 Responses to “deprecate (verb). to disapprove of strongly; deplore”

  1. mike barnes Says:

    interested to read about the gland in the temple that interacts with vitamin D-what is it called. Here is a site with lots of info on vitmain D


      Mike: To be honest, I don’t know what the gland is called… I’m just going off what the girl in development studies told me.
      I shall definitely check out the site.

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