fortuitous (adj). occuring by chance; fortunate, lucky

May 11, 2009

I didn’t head home until around 6 tonight- had some research to do for the upcoming Major Essay for International Relations.
It’s times like these I wish I had completed the HSC Modern History- it feels as if everyone in the course knows exactly what is going on; serious advantage.

Anyway, eversince I’ve started uni, I haven’t had the prospect of catching a Millenium (much nicer) train during peak hour on the South line. I was contemplating on writing to Cityrail about this little observation of mine, in hopes of them improving what is essentially their service, especially in regards to the South line during peak hour.

Much to my surprise this evening, at the fortuitous, fateful hour of 6:13pm, a Millenium train makes its way towards the platform of Museum station. It was bright, smooth and, dare I say it, sexy.  I got on contently and actually put myself to sleep- it’s hard to have a nap on the rickety old trains or the over-airconditioned Tangaras. It was delightful.

So that’s my story. Back to Good News Week.

EDIT: Can someone please explain the ‘Inflatable Boy’ joke to me? I don’t get it :(


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