dodecahedron (noun). a solid figure having twelve faces

May 12, 2009

(Reminds me of The Simpsons! :D)

My eyes are exhausted.  I’ve put them through a tedious amount of International Relations readings for the Major Essay that is DUE NEXT WEEK (need I repeat myself so much about this assessment? Maybe not… but it’s always there and I can’t help but convey that).

Sitting in the not-so-overbearing light of the State Library, I put my eyes through 3 books and 2 articles. I think they’ve got a quarter of a degree worse :(
What made this task so much more strenuous was that I was unable to bring my trusty bottle of water into the library with me and, instead, sat in the free locker that ingeniously returns your deposit of $1 when you return the key (unlike the ALDI trolley that cheated me of $2).
But yes, point is, my body was left dehydrated and parched.  My eyes are screaming for an essence of hydration.  My brain couldn’t function properly. Maybe that was why the State library didn’t have that cold/humid feel the Hurlstone Library did- because it prohibited the presence of water, even contained in a bottle, within its realms.
Kudos to the library for being so resourceful- got a lot of work done there; as opposed to the UNSW library that is always deprived of books I need (but that’s partly my fault because I leave research until the last minute).

I missed the delightful 6:13pm train tonight and, instead, got onto the 6:46, 23 minutes later which, unsurprisingly, was a Tangara. Thank god for the trenchcoat, beanie and boots (yes, I tend to hibernate in the colder seasons).  It’s only autumn and its freezing! :(
Let’s do something! :D
Talkin ’bout Your Generation- great show.  I am currently in love with Josh Thomas (CUTEE!)


7 Responses to “dodecahedron (noun). a solid figure having twelve faces”

  1. James Bond Says:

    What’s the essay on?


      It’s about decolonisation and how far it has altered the power hierarchy in the international system.
      Would you like to offer me your thoughts about this, seeing as you did HSC Modern ? :D

      • James Bond Says:

        Hm, what timeframe are you interested in?

        Didn’t specifically do decolonisation per se, but I’ll see what I can salvage from my grey matter.

      • MAGGIESNAIL Says:

        Decolonisation…specifically during the late 50s and into the 60s :D
        Anything will be great.

      • James Bond Says:

        See above. How n00b of I to forget to click ‘Reply’ before.

      • MAGGIESNAIL Says:

        Haha! Yes, I recently learned that is was grammatically wrong to use apostrophes when referring to the decades and such.

        And your two cents was great. Thanks for that! :D

        Also, you might want to click “refresh” as I have edited some bits of my EDIT section on the new post.

        I also name/alias dropped you! :D

  2. James Bond Says:

    Nice to see that you don’t abuse apostrophes in your plurals.

    All I can think of is the decolonisation of Indochina, particularly Vietnam.

    In a scanty nutshell that may not necessarily be the most correct, European decolonisation of Indochina – despite it being encouraged by the United States – made support from the Soviet Union and China (communism in general) more attractive as the Indochinese leaders were somewhat skeptical of the Americans’ motives behind supporting them.

    As such, the departure of European colonials from Indochina made the region an obvious breeding ground for communism and so the Americans pursued containment (the Truman Doctrine) in Asia as well. (Could make some mention of China’s adoption of communism as being viewed by the West as a failure on their part.) It could be said Asia gained more prominence in the Cold War in the mid-1950s etc. (Was SEATO formed in the 1950s?)

    British Malaya was also decolonised around then, I think. There was that Malayan Emergency which involved the threat of communist takeover.

    Africa may have also experienced decolonisation, so write about that too.

    Hm, “power hierarchy”. Basically, Western Europe was emasculated. Britain and France bore most of the brunt in losing much of their colonies and weren’t as powerful as they could claim to be prior to WWII.

    So there’s my two cents. Don’t assume that I’m the best source, but hopefully that’s given you something to ponder over.

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