rubicund (adj). inclining to redness; ruddy; red

May 13, 2009

House is so trippy nowadays… I really need to pay attention to understand what is going on (or has my attention span been decreasing?)

I need books. Blahhhhh!


Abarna (who was obviously bored at work), sent me an e-mail titled “FW: Breaking news – First Celebrity Swine Flu Fatality”‏ today:


“And we all know who the carrier is.”

She also sent me Lunch Vouchers- Thank you sweetie! (L)

I had a sudden urge to re-blog after my shower-
At uni, you meet a lot of people.
I’m lucky enough to meet people who have done amazing things (in my eyes).  They have done things I, as an 18 year old, have not comprehended in my life thus far.

Initially, when I  hear about these stories from these amazing people (and it’s not them boasting or anything; it’s merely a sharing of  stories), I am somewhat envious of all the cool things they have done, intimidated by how much experience they have, and sometimes even, subconsciously try to not be so amazed (even though deep down I am).  I think this last reaction is due to what is classified as the Tall Poppy Syndrome: having grown up in Australia all my life, we see the outstanding achievers constantly subjected to such treatment by the media, one that comes to mind is Pat O’Shane. As well, dad has never really commended me on the things I’ve done- he’s been rather passive as an Asian parent, always wanting me to do better, but still settled for what I had achieved.

But I realise now, as the 18 year old I stand today/after that fateful shower, how awful this was.  We should commend those who have achieved so much, encourage everyone to do their best, and just be able to appreciate and congratulate their effort.

I think going to uni has allowed me to see this, understand and articulate it.  Albeit the tediousness, unrelentless nature of such studies; the disintegration of my closely-held (mis)conceptions/views/beliefs; the marathon that seems never-ending– I feel very privileged to be able to attain such a perspective, an education.
Put simply: I’m coming to enjoy uni again.  It’s so truly inspiring to meet such people. I aspire to do something worthwhile in my life- like they have.

My Development Studies lecturer and my International Relations tutor have both told me that “Uni is a marathon”-I’m gonna make it one of the best races I run.


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  1. James Bond Says:

    Cheers for the name-drop. :P

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