adulation (noun). excessive or slavish admiration or flattery

May 14, 2009

I should really go to uni on Thursday.  It’s great because everyone that I hardly get to see is at uni on Thursday.
On my walk down from upper to lower campus, I bumped into 4 fellow Hurlstonians whom go by the name of Leena Susan, A-dog, Thamilini and Jay! How wonderful it was to bump into these friendly faces and have a catch-up (albeit a tad short for my liking).

Eric is studying at the moment- Geography. He’s memorising his continents and oceans. Bless him :’)
But I think he has short attentions span or something: He keep bursting out in tune of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”, and sometimes even, takes three pens, snugs them in between his fingers and pretends to be Wolverine.
It’s no wonder I can’t get anything done at home.

I’ve been visiting the State (Reference) Library this past week.  I’ve come to grow fond of it, albeit it’s not as pretty as the newly refurbished UNSW Library.

I should go get some work done so I can go out for a short bit tomorrow night.
Enjoy your Friday dear! :D

I now understand the Inflatable Boy joke- thanks to Cynthia’s friends, Paul and Richard :D

If I were a monster, I’d marry this little guy in a heartbeat:


One Response to “adulation (noun). excessive or slavish admiration or flattery”

  1. Leena Susan Says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your face, even for a short while, maggiesnail :)

    We must catch up soon :)

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