somnifacient (adj). hypnotic, causing or producing sleep

May 18, 2009

Good evening all- I’m was about to dive into the pile of French homework that has accumalated the past two weeks, but I remembered that I have yet to blog for today, so I shall do so now.

I’m so glad that one is over.  I’m rather looking forward to the upcoming Development research essay, and the Globalisation one.  It’s much more easier to blab on about these issues than it is decolonisation in international relations.

It might be a tad presumptious for me to state, but usually within the city, you havethe snobby private schoolkids who are spoilt rotten with the latest technology at what I considered a young age.  I bumped into one of these school kids on a Sydney bus today.  This wasn’t the first occasion I’ve seen this young girl, who appeared to attend a private school/college before of her rich blazer and her rich Blackberry.  I know it was a Blackberry because she didn’t fail to expose this lovely possession of hers.  She was on the bus with her school friend, talking.

It’s hard NOT to overhear conversations on public transport- even the MX dedicates a whole column titled “Overheard”, where commuters send in the conversations they overheard to be published.  Most of the conversations that are overheared (and published) tend to be stupid.  It’s funny because it demonstrates the stupidity and naivity of some people in this society. The conversation I overheard today on the bus was no different.  In fact, it was even more stupid because it was these “upper-eastsiders” school kids, who was under the impression that they “rule”.

I mean…it’s great kids are able to be access self-empowerment these days.  I sometimes wish I was able to express the same self-confidence when I was younger; it was only very recently that I’ve realised I was capable of doing such a thing.  However, there is the point, when self-empowerment and confidence becomes sheer arrogance and cockyness.  The girl who had the Blackberry was one of these conceited people.

Hopping onto the bus, she and her friend were already engaged in a conversation, so what I heard was a continuation, meaning what I say may be entirely out of context, but I’m going to carry on because the things she said was seriously dumb.
Girl: Hayley called me a bitch today…(Maggie zoned out, thinking about how stupid the rest of this was going to be, then started thinking about blogging about it)…Let’s called Jake!
Friend: What…on your phone?
Girl: Yeah! Like a prank call, but you have to speak.
Friend: No.
Girl: Yeah come on… call him and ask him what the square root of pi is!
Friend: No, I don’t want to.
Girl: Do it! Otherwise I’ll tell him you like him.
Friend: Nooo! Don’t.
Girl: Then call hiim and ask him what the square root of pi is!
Friend: No, I don’t want to.
Girl: Fine then…
(At this point, Maggie was thinking about how much she missed Maths, and how mathematically wrong that suggestion one, because everyone who loves Maths would know that pi is an irrational number and cannot be square rooted.  Then out of nowhere…)
Girl: Call him and pretend you’re Tiffany.
Friend: No, not Tiffany.. Rebecca?
Girl: No.. let’s go with Georgia.
Friend: Fine.
Girl: So call him and tell him you’re Georgia and ask him what the sqare root of pi is.
-Friend dials number-
Friend: Hello Jake? Hello, what is the sqare root of pi?……..Georgia, what is the square root of pi?…..Yeah, what is the square root of pie
Girl: (in the background) Tell him you’re Georgia, tell him you’re Georgia.
Friend: I think he hung up.
Girl: (literally laughs out loud) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Maggie: (in her head) WHY IS THAT EVEN FUNNY?!

Also this:
-as the bus was approaching the Friend’s busstop-
Friend: Should I walk on this side or that side.
Girl: That side.
Friend: Ahh! There’s my bus! (it seemed that she had to catch another bus to get home)
Girl: Hahahahahaha.
Friend: I missed two buses because of you.
Girl: How?
Friend: I was waiting with you all that time.
Girl: You didn’t have to you know
Friend: ……..
Girl: You just wanted to be seen with me because I’m so cool (in the MOST patronising tone)

(At this point, Maggie was feeling sorry for her friend, who must have felt so humiliated)

Yeah.  It was sad to see how the friend was so passive to such rude treatment. I hope that girl (who had the Blackberry) realises soon she isn’t all that “cool”.  I really wish these conceited kids realise soon that material possessions are not worth much if you’re not worth it; if you’re not a good person who strives for the better.

But then again, everyone has a different idea of what is better, and approach self-betterment from many different aspects: there are those who perceive self-betterment as material gains; those who perceive it as giving back to the community; those who perceive it as education; as scientific breakthrough;  through humanitarianism; as creating a sustainable environment; as sharing it with someone…
Or perhaps there are those who don’t think it’s worth it to be better?

I know I’m certainly not like that. I’d like to think I’m becoming a better person everyday by going to uni, attemping to live up to my New Year’s Resolution by doing this, helping Mummy out at home, teaching Eric some Geography and Maths, sharing stories with my friends and stuff like that.
(What I’m not doing is stimulating the economy- I haven’t been shopping for two months already:()

I’ll leave you on that note.

Goodnight friends, hello French homework.


6 Responses to “somnifacient (adj). hypnotic, causing or producing sleep”

  1. Alysse :) Says:

    that whole conversation is funny because it’s not at all funny.
    how old were these girls?
    i don’t think i would have ever found a prank call about the square root of pi remotely funny..

  2. DEEE Says:

    Square root of Pi to 500 significant figures is 1.7724538509055160272981674833411451827975494561223871282138077898529112845910321813749506567385446654162268236242825706662361528657244226025250937096027870684620376986531051228499251730289508262289320953792679628001746390153514797205167001901852340185854469744949126403139217755259062164054193325009063984076137334774751534336679897893658518364087954511651617387600590673934317913328098548462481849020546548521956132515616474675150427387610561079961271072100603720444836723652966137080943234988316684

    Was this girl Giles sister

  3. DEEE Says:

    btw, you used somnifacient too many times

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