quondam (adj). having been formerly

May 19, 2009

On the bus today, the guy sitting in front of me was on his mobile…catching up with a friend (so I assume)

He was a uni student: hoodie, jeans, sneakers and a bag.
He conveyed to his friend at the other end of the phone about how he was liking university:
he was happy;
he got his results back for Chemistry, Human Anatomy and Communications;
he had achieved 2 Distinctions and a High Distinction;
he was wanted his last subject to be of a D grade or higher;
his dad was happy;
he was keeping his options open for transfer;
he wanted to get into UNSW;
his family were having problems;
he was still focused on his studies;
he was happy.

I want Ds and HDs.  Because according to this guy: it’ll keep you happy.
It’s so hard :(

On a lighter note: I had a wonderful time today playing around with Toby at lunch with some fellow Commerce students, namely Abarna, Clive and Shimeney.

LOL@Shimene! :D

LOL@Shimene! :D



Clive's checkers look awesome!

Clive's checkers look awesome!



9 Responses to “quondam (adj). having been formerly”

  1. Leena Susan Says:

    Haaaw you forgot to mention epic one-sided webcam convo :(

  2. Alysse :) Says:

    LOL@first photo!
    you look like you have awesome nerd glasses :D

  3. Shimene Says:

    You don’t come online anymore maggie!


      I don’t! :(
      It takes up a lot of my time- I’ve limited my time on the internet for leisurely purposes (i.e. MSN, facebook and youtube).

      I’ll go on when Semester is over! :D

  4. TIMSUN Says:

    what an odd thing for a person to say. i have to disagree with him, HDs do not necessarily keep you happy if you have the wrong mentality about getting them

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