Weekend No. 20

May 24, 2009

Apologies for yesterday, my Internet was down and rendered it rather difficult to go about blogging.

Tonight, Mum taught me how to properly make the stir fry noodles- I actually had to marinate the noodles before chucking them into the wok. Actually, I had to also marinate the pork- oops.  I seriously thought all the flavour would dissolve in when I added it at the end.
So there you go, you learn something new everyday! :D

I decided to tune into an episode of “The Adventures of Merlin”- best decision of the day! :D Arthur Jnr [is eric :)] (Eric typed that and I decided to keep it original) is so breath-taking.  I will court him any day.  Such boldness, loyalty and fearlessness brings butterflies to my stomach.  His domestic disobedience is sexy. (L)(L)(L)

Currently tuned into an episode of Masterchef.  Judge Gary is the cutest- I really like his nose.  I find myself really liking cooking shows nowadays.  I take multiple doses of these shows- IronChef (American Series), There’s Ready-Steady-Cook/Huey’s Cooking Adventures, Masterchef… Then there’s the occasional easy cooking on the morning shows.  It’s no wonder why I’m a bit on the heavy side- I’m bombarded with food daily on the TV.
I think about food during a gym session, when I’m walking home from the gym, before I go to sleep and right after I wake up.
Beneficial? I think not.

Tow more weeks of uni. Everyone’s gotta be excited. I know I am, right after I get all my essays in.

(That rib-eye steak looked awesome. Nomnomnomnomnom! Sam is in the bottom three!:()

And YAY! The Polaroid is saved -let’s hope!


One Response to “Weekend No. 20”

  1. Leena Says:

    Eheheheeeeee, he is indeed quite the attractive future king :D

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