unncumbered (adj). not burdened with cares or responsibilities

May 26, 2009

Maggie is currently watching the Wedding Crashers on television.  What struck me whilst viewing this mediocre movie is the fact that even though I have been to many (Asian) weddings through my 18 years, I have yet to have a piece of a wedding cake.
Strange… I remember once thinking that cake was all to grand and elaborate to consume (this was when I didn’t know any better); I also had an inkling that maybe the cake was fake, that is, it was just there for show, explaining why I didn’t get to eat it.
Then alas, television entered my life and presented the Western-style of marriage, where vows were exchanged in church and wedding cakes were eaten.
What revelations! My gratitude goes to the TV.

Maggie’s essay is due in less than 10 days :(:(:(



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