coterminous (adj). having the same or coincident boundaries

May 27, 2009

This is one of the many films I plan to sit and watch after my assessments are over:

It’s amazing how uni and high school assessments are so alike: unrelenting and merciless that build up and cause stress; stress that can only be relieved by planning what you’re going to do AFTER they are over.
In Maggie’s case, she is going to sit down, relax and enjoy some wonderful films.


3 Responses to “coterminous (adj). having the same or coincident boundaries”

  1. Leena Says:

    That movie is adorable :)
    And the scottish boys are *drool*worthy.
    I must remember to access that one after the horrid exams.
    When is your last and only exam dear?

  2. Hieu Says:

    That movie is wayyyy cute!

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