pragmatic (adj). of or pertaining to a practical point of view

May 28, 2009

I have been listening to Zee Avi since Monday on repeat.  She is the female version of Jason Mraz (so I think), maybe a sprinkle more happier?  Have a listen at some of her stuff on youtube.  Below is my favourite track from her:

But I really enjoy her whole album.  Thankyou Darren for giving me her stuff! :D

Found this on the bus to uni! LOLOL! Oh how I love life’s simple pleasures-
Picture 1(CLICK!) Yes, the optometrist’s name is Michael Michael! :D LOL (Yes, I found it quite amusing for someone to have their surname as their first!)

OH! I was supposed to post this last night, but obviously forgot to do so.  Whilst watching Food Safari (yes, I am hooked on food shows) on the train home, Tien spotted an Abarna look alike in the Singaporean/Korean episode! Take a look and compare!
Abarna look alikeAbarna is on the right

Yeah…Toby doesn’t have a paint/edit program..or he does, I haven’t found it (and am too lazy to look for it).  Abarna is the girl on the right.  She’s pretty amazing :D

EDIT: Mum bought me a new pair of slippers! :D I really do love my mum.

The cover my ugly toes! ;)


4 Responses to “pragmatic (adj). of or pertaining to a practical point of view”

  1. Vivienne Says:

    I read your post on the 25th, (catching up since I haven’t visited your page in awhile), and idk if you were talking to me or not LOL.
    Everyone seems to be called V these days, even without their names starting with V … =/
    So HOPEFULLY you were talking about MY tumblr because if you weren’t … then that’s a huge FML/FAIL on my part LOL.
    Idk how to turn the comments on my tumblr on!!!
    I’m going to have to learn so gorgeous Maggie can comment (again, assuming it’s my tumblr).

    Sincerely hoping you were talking about me,


      I’ve figured out a way in which I can comment, period.
      Seeing as you have TWITTER, maybe I can comment through there, period.


  2. Alysse :) Says:

    i thought that WAS abarna until i read what you wrote
    haha good spotting!

  3. DEEE Says:

    that picture still makes me laugh

    tien as well

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