brummagem (adj). cheap and showy; meretricious

May 29, 2009

Mister High Commissioner of Police, really? Indian students are being attacked because they “have a tendency to carry valuables with them”?
FYI: students nowadays, regardless of what race/age they are, carry valuables with them.  If you can’t see that it there is a racial element to it, you are seriously ignorant. Accept the fact that remnants of racial discrimination still exists in today society.  Accept your responsibility to deal with this issue- It’s your job as the executive of the nation.  Remove the stereotype of policemen as lazy workers who have coffee and jam donuts all day.

Currently listening to John Legend’s Once Again provided by Leena.  Thanks dear (L). Come study with me :D
And Vee: It was your tumblr I was referring too! Your musings are ingenious!


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