Weekend No. 21

May 31, 2009

Wasn’t eventful at all:(

On a lighter note, I had a lovely, unplanned catch up with Tuyen today. Hopefully, that production date goes ahead! :D

Semester 1 finishes in a week. BOOYAH!
I can smell the freedom guys! And it’s enough to get me excited, even though I have a 60% essay due by Friday and another 40% one due on Tuesday, which I have yet to start- no shitting.

Hopefully, Semester 2 is much more manageable. Semester 1 has taught me that uni, even though it gives you the freedom to do whatever the hell you want, still requires some organisation and discipline (if you’re aiming to pass the course).

I can’t wait to go splurge money on a new winter wardrobe (actually, I’ll just pick up a few warm bits and pieces…GFC isn’t particularly helping my wallet), get back on the ukulele, indulge in some novels and DVDs (YESYESYES!), go see some theatre productions, shop a little bit more, pay a visit Manu’s restaurant, Lindt/MBs and the Different Drummer, spend some quality time with mum and go on dates with you lovely people.  Sorry I’ve been neglectful :(

Yearning to give big, warm hugs and share hot chocolate.


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