tergiversation (noun). the act of practicing evasion or of being deliberately ambiguous

June 3, 2009

Robin Williams is doing a cameo on SVU tonight.  He makes a fine lawyer :)  I mean…questioning the means of obtaining substantial evidence in a trial and questioning the validity of the evidence; genius!

I wanted a new trench coat for the winter.  It’s been so cold lately so I’ve been wearing my current red one heaps.  Frankly, I’m quite sick of red.  There’s no doubt that I’ll get back into it after a short hiatus, but as a substitute, I wanted a new black trench.
And what do you know, I come home and Mummy bought me a new black trench! :D YAY
I am such a spoilt girl sometimes.  So, to thank my mum, I helped mum make deep fried chicken wings.
All was well, I had the heat on medium and the oil not at its highest temperature, but the chicken was cooking too slowly.  So I decided to you know….live life on the edge and turn it to high heat.  The chicken decide to spit in response to the increase of heat, and I consequently copped it, taking a spit to the forehead.
You learn something new everyday! :D

“Oh my god, I appeared offline all afternoon”- Eric, whilst on his laptop and ‘on’ MSN.


4 Responses to “tergiversation (noun). the act of practicing evasion or of being deliberately ambiguous”

  1. Dennis Says:

    I watched that episode and he was really good. I reckon he should do more thrillers like “One Hour Photo”.


      One Hour Photo reminds me of the Kodak/photo developing shops.
      In comes the nostalgia for film photography!

      I hope you’re doing well Dennis!

  2. dee Says:

    that wasnt robin williams, it was bill pullman of lake placid and independence day fame.


      Oh really? My bad. I didn’t stay for the closing creidits and just assumed it was based on his character (during the episode) who was able to change his character through voice.

      Thanks for dropping by though! Much appreciated :)

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