cambistry (noun). the science of exchange, weight, measures etc.

June 8, 2009

Today is Queen’s Birthday long weekend. I was out here doing my work this morning when I overheard Mum, who has been in Australia for nearly 30 years, questioned Dad about the origins of this public holiday, asking whether or not it was the celebration for  (Princess) Diana’s birthday? (LOLOL)  I think my mum is rather cute- her asbent-mindedness is somewhat intriguing.  Of course, this just goes to show that the Queen really doesn’t really do much to impact us here in Ausland. Mum was much more influenced by Diana.

Whilst brushing my teeth this morning, I realised  something (which conveniently led to another thing):  How shithouse my Development Studies essay was (even though its the most stimulating subject) and how much more confident I feel about this Globalisation essay (my least preferred subject).  I thought about why this was whilst the toothpaste frothed up in my mouth.  I came to the conclusion that this was because I have shut myself out from civilisation and avoided (physical) social contact with people for the past three days.  In retrospect, I should have completed my development essay at home instead of making my way to the uni to do so.    (Leena, that is why I’m staying home until I finish this essay!)

I think my inability to multitask has something to do with this.  I am unable to have fun/have people around me and study/complete a good essay at the same time.  I tend to reap in the rewards afterwards.  It might seem a little bit intense, but that’s how (I think) I do my best.  Of course, this conveniently (read: sarcasm) categorises me as a female incapable of socialising and being studious at the same time.  This makes me very sad :(  I am determined to become better at multi-tasking so I can better my study patterns in and around places with people. There’s no doubt that I enjoy socialising; I’m a people’s person.  But I am not unwilling to give up academia for it, or vice-versa.  From this day on: I pledge to become better at multi-tasking- I’m going to start off small, and then build on.  I’m allocating myself 1 month to master music and studying and/or talking on the phone/chatting and watching TV.  I’m going to keep progress to ensure that I stick to it (let’s hope this works).

On the issue of progress, John Green makes an insightful point in one of his videos. He was challenged by his brother to consume a blenderised Happy Meal for this video (I’ve linked you here).  Whilst ordering his Happy Meal to take home and blender, he was asked whether the Happy Meal was for a girl or a boy- to which John Green comments about the progress we’ve made in terms of gender equality(read: not much at all).  Hell, I never saw this before, but kids are coerced to pick between ‘girl’ and ‘boy’ Happy Meals.  It’s no wonder why we grow up accustomed to these gendered roles :(

I’m free as of tomorrow 4pm. YESSS! :D


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