mellifluous (adj). flowing as with honey; smooth

June 9, 2009

I just realised that it has been a little more than a year since I’ve joined wordpress.  My first post was an introductory post with some added blabbering.  This is an extract of what I posted:

Hello to those who haven’t heard of me.
Allow me to introduce myself:

My name’s Margaret. It was chosen by my aunt, who is 10 years older than me. She is my idol in all areas of life; academia, social, wealth. Everything.
But unfortunately, I don’t really like the name ‘Margaret’, it is old fashioned, and the only Margaret’s I know is a girl in Yr 8/9 at school, and 41826 old ladies. Like in The Simpsons, I like to be called Maggie.
It’s easier off the tongue, and concurs less spelling errors. So its a plus to both of us! :D

I attend an agricultural high school, and I absolutely love it; wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m nearly done with high school though, and not to mention the infamous HSC. I really want to do well, so as to get into USyd Law. Although I know its completely and utterly unattainable, I can’t help but desire it. I have alternative paths, but this is the one I want to pursue. So if it seems that I’m neglecting this, it’s cos I’m busying myself to get into this law course, okay?

My family and friends are my support system without knowing it. I love them, and would never take them for granted. If you’re going to hurt them, I’ll hurt you back. (:

And for each entry, I’ll try and use the new word in a sentence. That shall make it all the more fun and interesting let’s hope.

I just (a couple hours ago) spoke to my best friend. I love him. He’s my favourite at the moment. I feel a bit relieved now that someone at school knows what going on. I don’t like to burden people with my concerns, but it’s good to let things out once in a while.

Stay tuned for a blog with much more substance.

I realised some things have changed since I’ve joined the wordpress community.

My name remains to be Margaret, legally.  I have been greeted with various other names including Maggie, Maggiesnail and Magdog (please refrain from using the latter).  My aunt remains my idol, and she’s having her first baby later this year! :D

I’ve finished highschool 8 months ago (I can’t believe how fast time flies).  I now attend the University of New South Wales, trying to get my International Studies degree, majoring in Development Studies.  I enjoy what I’m doing, except this course exempts all Mathematics courses until Gen Ed in my second year.  This sparks me to contemplate other possibilties of studies.  I’m not to worried about getting out into the workforce in the current economic crisis- I’m kinda grateful I’m in uni as I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna really do in my life.  I’m not sure if I still want to move into law…but I have until the end of next semester to decide- so I’ll just leave it at that.

I’m happy with UNSW, I never expected to like it as much as I do- bar the uni work and 1.5 hr commute. It’s a nice atmosphere and I like how many members of the Hurlstone family are there.  It makes it just a tad more bearable.  I know that there has been a little bit of drifting from the Hurlstone family for me because they all either reside in the Business faculty, the Engineering faculty, the Law faculty or the Med faculty.  But this makes the catch up much more fun as there isn’t much discussion about work and we’re free to dwell about other things that make us happy! :D

My new found uni friends are pretty awesome as well.  I have been able to introduce them to the Hurlstone family and everyone has gotten along pretty well.  It’s awesome to find people who have similar aspirations as I do; it’s kinda like we never run out of anything to talk about, and breaks sometimes go overtime.  I’m really looking forward to the hanging out with these people during the mid-year recess. Yay! :D

Because my group of Hurlstone family friends and I no longer see each other 5 times a week, its hard to look to them for support.  I’m okay with this as uni somehow gives this overwhelming sense of individuality.  And I have adapted to this.  My family remains to be my strongest support network, but when I can, I realise that I’m much more comfortable in confiding with some of my close friends about things.  I still love my friends and family a lot, and would hurt you back if you were to hurt them.

I remember one post where I had a list of ten things that made me instantaneously happy.  Number 10 was undisclosed and blog readers had the opportunity to probe around and guess what it was.  I can now say that I  assigned number 1o to a person, which in hindsight seems like a stupid and naive thing to do.  I should have know better than to assume that this person would have kept me happy for a long time… but I really thought it at the time.  I now know better than to assume a person will always be there to keep you smiling. It’s not that I don’t believe in love, because I do.  It’s just the point of not getting involved too quickly, as I did with Number 10.  I used to believe that there was one person out there that would make me happy and that was that (yes, I was quite naive).  I now believe that everyone deserves to be the most important person in somebody else’s life (Reila’s blog), in all its forms- good and bad, mutually complementing each other.

I still, with each entry, use new and interesting words as the title, but have ceased to incorporate the word into the post because of one reason and one reason alone: I’ve become quite a lazy person.  Thankyou to the period after HSC that has rendered me to be a sloth.

My blog still doesn’t have much substance.


I splurged a lot of moolah on some books today.  I’ve been meaning to get them for a while, but haven’t has the time to do so (read: lazy).  With my this essay out of the way (HOORAY!), I have been able to visit a couple of bookshops and purchase the following:

My eyes are currently feasting on the first of the John Green books (above).  Will recommend if I feel it appropriate. I’m kinda bummed that I the Australian Abundance of Catherines cover isn’t as colourful as the US’ one, but I really like our Paper Towns cover.

I love having all this time to myself.  Gym tomorrow- YES! :D I would have gone tonight but it was a blizzard outside and I didn’t want to aggravate this migraine.


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  1. James Bond Says:

    That copy of ‘1984’ has a very nice cover!

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